4 of the Worst Sports Injuries of All-Time

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Because athletes often push themselves to the physical limit, they are prone to experiencing injuries – even with all the training and conditioning they undergo. If you have a strong stomach, read on about some of the worst sports injuries ever:

1. Lacerated Throat

Back in 1989, goalie Clint Malarchuk collided with another player during a hockey game that resulted in a stray skate catching him in the throat. He managed to make it off the ice even while almost bleeding out. He was lucky to survive – and because of the horrendous injury, hockey goalies are now required to wear neck protection.

2. Collapsed Larynx

This injury occurred in another hockey game. Like Malarchuk, Mitch Callahan was lucky to make it out alive after his larynx was crushed by a hockey puck shot. The injury left him unable to speak for six weeks, and he was no longer able to play because his air passage was 15% narrower than before.

3. Broken Leg

Breaking your leg might not seem like the worst thing, until you see how soccer player Eduardo Da Silva broke his. In 2008, he was on the wrong end of a tackle that basically snapped his lower leg in two, breaking his left fibula and dislocating his ankle. Fortunately, he made a full recovery.

4. Baseball to the Nose

In 2002, baseball pitcher Kazuhisa Ishii took a line drive right to his nose, which basically crushed part of his face and required surgery in order to remove the bone shards.