5 Interesting Truths About Scoliosis in Adults

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If you are suffering from adult scoliosis, there are numerous therapies that might help you. You can also modify your own lifestyle in certain ways to reduce your symptoms. Here are five interesting truths about this spinal condition:

Truth #1: A scoliosis diagnosis doesn’t inevitably lead to an operation.surgery

It’s typical to be afraid that surgery is the correct course of action to achieve pain relief with scoliosis.

However, “only a small portion of people with scoliosis require major reconstructive surgery,” comments orthopedic surgeon Dr. Douglas Orr of the Cleveland Clinic. “Many people with scoliosis can manage their symptoms just fine without any type of surgery.”

Truth #2: You can’t tell if symptoms will occur from scoliosis based on where the spinal curve develops or how sizable it is.

As we get older, our spines gradually lose their flexibility and strength. As the backbone becomes less sturdy, a curve slowly starts to form. The symptoms of scoliosis aren’t experienced by everyone; and when they do appear, they vary. Some people feel discomfort or numbness in the legs, while others have direct back pain.

Dr. Orr notes that the spine is actually not straight in a healthy individual. Rather, the human body is built with three spinal curves – at the base of the spine (lumbar region), halfway up the back, and at the top of the spine (cervical region). As we get older, the lumbar curve starts to flatten.

Truth #3: There are two standard adult versions of scoliosis.spine

Doctors may diagnose adults with idiopathic or degenerative scoliosis. The idiopathic version is sometimes identified during adolescence. Other times, it isn’t detected until the adult years as back pain starts to advance.

The degenerative version arises naturally as we age. As the spine slowly breaks down, curvature results.

Truth #4: Cigarettes contribute to spinal disorders.

You can see a doctor to benefit from professional pain relief therapies, but you can also do yourself a favor by staying away from cigarettes.

“The most important thing you can do is not smoke,” Dr. Orr remarks. “Smoking is the leading preventable cause of back and neck problems.”

Truth #5: Scoliosis does not mean you should stop working out.exercise

Dr. Orr recommends against reducing your activity level and becoming excessively careful. Exercise is particularly important to maintaining a healthy weight, a natural way to alleviate the pain of the disease.

Relieving symptoms & curbing progression

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