5 Tips to a Healthy New You in the New Year

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To start out the new year, it’s common to write down a few resolutions, ways we intend to change our behavior and improve our lives. However, many of these “resolutions” prove themselves to be failed attempts. About 45% of us make resolutions each year, according to the Washington Post, but only one in four people who do make resolutions stick with them for the first week. In other words, many people are already letting their 2015 personal development goals slip.

Part of the reason that individuals give up on their efforts is that they set the bar too high at the beginning. To help more people achieve success, Registered Dietician Sylvia Layarda has provided five simple ways to improve your health. These straightforward health tips can provide a better, less intimidating structure to help you develop a new you in the new year.

Tip #1 – Take fruit with you when you leave your house in the morning.

Fresh produce is a cornerstone of weight loss and general wellness. Fruit is also another kind of “fast food” because it requires little, if any, preparation. If you start to feel low-energy midmorning or mid-afternoon, you have the fruit with you. If you want to have a fruit that needs to be peeled and cut, you can find ones in grocery stores that have already been prepared.

Tip #2 – Switch to whole wheat with one item.

The whole-wheat market has developed tremendously in the last few years. You can find whole-wheat pasta and Asian noodles made with whole grains, both of which taste delicious. You could also substitute whole-wheat flour for white flour when baking in this new year.

Tip #3 – Have a home-cooking night.

If you make a meal at home one night a week rather than eating out, you can better control the ingredients and bolster your chances of weight loss success. When you cook at home, there’s another advantage: you can make more food than is immediately needed, which means healthy leftovers for lunch.

Tip #4 – Goodbye to soda.

You may think that you can achieve a new you while drinking diet soda, but recent studies reveal that diet drinkers are likelier to experience obesity and other diseases due to their artificial sweeteners.

Tip #5 – Eat early.

You want to eat something in the first two hours that you are awake. If you don’t like typical breakfast foods, you can always eat leftovers. The important thing is that the meal isn’t overlooked.

Making use of health tips

Layarda concludes, “Start living your New Year’s resolutions by incorporating these simple strategies into your family routine today.” Her advice is sound, but many of us who are looking for healthier lifestyles are suffering from pain. To improve your odds with your resolution, stop your pain today!