7 Tips for a Safer, Healthier and Happier Halloween

7 Tips for a Safer, Healthier and Happier Halloween

October 30, 2013

halloweentipsWe see patients come in every year who are suffering from increased pain symptoms or even injury on November 1st. Here are some basic tips to keep your Halloween pain-free and safe. You and your family will all enjoy the day and the evening a lot more if you feel great while making wonderful memories!

1. Don’t wear costumes that require high heels or shoes you aren’t used to

If you have lower back pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, or any previously injured areas from the low back down, you could hurt or irritate the area by wearing heels. Even one night of walking around in heels or shoes that you aren’t used to wearing , don’t fit right or are uncomfortable, can throw your lower back out of joint. You may look great, but you also might wake up in worse pain November 1st!

2. Don’t wear costumes you can’t move well in – too tight, heavy or restricting.

Your muscles may stiffen up if you are walking in excessively tight, heavy or restricting clothing all day or night. You could become sore and some chronic pain issues might suffer flare-ups.

3. Think twice before wearing all black and view-restricting masks Halloween-Party-font-b-Costume-b-font-Halloween-supplies-adult-all-black-collar-cloak-font-b

Believe it or not, it is easier than you might think to have an accident because a person can’t see you, or you can’t see them. We’ve seen patients come in to the clinics on November 1st with injuries because they ran in to something, someone or something or someone ran into them! Also make sure you can easily see the ground, as tripping while walking from house to house can be….tricky.

4. If you are diabetic, watch your treats

It’s easy for anyone to enjoy their Halloween throughout the day and night not realizing how many treats they are also enjoying. If you are diabetic, it is especially important to keep watch on your intake to prevent pain or serious symptoms.

chocolate-caffiene_a5. Avoid the late-night treats

If you eat a lot of sugar late in the evening, you might have a headache and stiffness the next day. Your body is not used to processing so much sugar so late at night, and this can increase inflammation and thus all types of pain symptoms – this is especially true for those with arthritis.

6. Candy = fatigue?

Just as late-night sugar intake may lead to stiffness and inflammation, it can also affect sleep. You may not sleep soundly and thus feel sore or fatigue the next day.

kids_trick-or-treating_v290-e13506509665087. Allergy watch

If you have allergies, a lot of candy contains peanuts or other food allergy triggers which can trigger increased inflammation in your body. Look at labels closely!

We hope you all have a safe, healthy and thus happier Halloween! Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and we’ll share them.

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