Urgent Care Extra

Urgent Care Extra LogoAre you tired of sitting in an Emergency Room waiting to be seen? You won’t get that at Urgent Care Extra. Urgent Care Extra was founded by two emergency room physicians who were tired of watching patients wait and suffer in hospital waiting rooms, hoping to be seen. Urgent Care Extra helps you receive emergency medical assistance when you need it most. We provide high quality medical care that is prompt and friendly. Our pleasant doctors, skilled staff and inviting atmosphere put Urgent Care Extra health clinics far ahead of traditional hospital and health care centers. We’re open later too – daily from 8:00am to 9:00pm. Come see us – when you can’t wait to feel better! We have dozens of clinics across Arizona and Nevada with more under construction.

Addiction Recovery Centers

Addiction_Recovery_Centers_LogoAddiction Recovery Centers offers non-addictive, medically assisted treatment plans with a twelve month after care program. ARC is a provider of the BioCorRX Recovery Program. ARC provides a proprietary long lasting compounded Pellet formulation which contains naltrexone, the Non-addictive FDA approved medication for the treatment of alcohol and opioid dependence to reduce cravings by blocking the reinforcing effects of alcohol and opioids.