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Depression and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Your frame of mind is inextricably linked to how well you cope with illness. Depression is not just Complex Regional Pain Syndrome’s intolerable result, but its catalyst as well. The two are so commonly connected [...]

Do Opioids Lead to Heroin Addiction?

Drug overdoses kill 29,000 Americans a year, with the majority of those deaths being from opiate and heroin abuse. While campaigners like to draw a link between opioid and heroin abuse, no studies have revealed anything [...]

Steroid Injections for Back Pain

Back pain is notoriously challenging to treat, but steroid injections could give you weeks of relief without drugs. The risks are rare, but significant, so your physician will try more conservative approaches before recommending them. [...]

Does Pilates Improve Posture?

You’d be hard pressed to find a fitness guru more obsessed with posture than your average Pilates instructor (perhaps a classical ballet instructor? We digress). Both forms of exercise focus on moving efficiently, and that requires [...]

What is the WHO Pain Ladder?

The vast majority of doctors’ consultations focus on pain management, but before 1986, there was no universally understood way to communicate pain levels. Doctors had to intuit their way through pain care one adjective at [...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Myths vs Facts

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the result of a compressed median nerve in the wrist. It causes pain, numbness, or tingling in the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers that usually worsens at night. Myth One: [...]

Changing Attitudes About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Ableism says, “if you aren’t as able as I am, you are less.” This can filter into a huge variety of attitudes towards Complex Regional Pain Syndrome patients, many of them well-meaning yet not particularly thoughtful. [...]

Should Massages Really Hurt?

Massage therapy was once the stomping grounds of physiotherapists alone, but in recent years, CAM practitioners have stumbled into it head first. They offer everything from acupressure to trigger point release, the results of which [...]