7 Bad Back Habits to Avoid

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Back pain may result from a recent or past injury. It can develop gradually over time from repetitive motion, or from lack thereof. While seeking out assistance in diagnosing and treating your back can help clear up the problem, you can help yourself by avoiding these seven bad habits that cause back pain. Not Exercising [...]

Protecting your Knees When Lifting

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As you get older, your number one goal will be to stay just as healthy and active as ever. One of the critical ways to maintain good health is by protecting your joints, including your knees. Knees can be tight or achy, and they can occasionally pop. Knee pain is one of the most common [...]

The Worst Suggestions For Pain Relief

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Sometimes, pain just feels like it's too much to bear. You need instant relief. When that fails to materialize, you might find yourself turning to remedies that are quick fixes and may even be dangerous to your health. Pain can range from slight to disabling, and it can last for a day, a month, or [...]

Doctor’s Orders: Chiropractic Tips for Full-Body Wellness

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Wellness definition Chiropractic Tips for Full-Body WellnessWellness, as a concept that’s linked closely to the notion of health, is being used frequently in the media, as well as by doctors and patients. However, many people don’t know exactly what wellness is. The official definition from the American Chiropractic Association states that it’s a process directed at improving both health and quality of life. Essentially, wellness refers to life-enhancing tactics such as diet, exercise, and preventative care.

Traveling Tips For Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Illnesses

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Are you planning a trip? Here is advice on how to prepare and conduct travel so that you can limit neck and back pain on your journey. · Preparing for travel with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome · While on your trip · Living pain-free Traveling can be stressful and physically taxing for anyone, but that’s especially the case for those suffering with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. You will probably have to stand in line at various points. Whether you drive or fly, sitting for an extended period intensifies the pressure on your lumbar spine. You aren’t able to control your environment, without access to assistive devices and medical appointments.

5 Ways to Get More Exercise at Your Office

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Healthy living starts with standing up. You certainly wouldn’t know that from the way Americans operate. We sit on our commutes. We sit at our jobs. We sit in front of our home entertainment systems. These behaviors must change, though, if we want to lead heart-healthy lives. Earlier this year, researchers published a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrating that sitting extensively increases the likelihood of life-threatening illnesses – even for those who work out regularly.

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Most out of Your Doctor’s Visit

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We all want to be able to go to a medical clinic and immediately know how our health issues can be confronted. However, there is a reason why there is so much schooling to get a medical degree: assessing symptoms and diagnosing health conditions is complex. Doctors determine symptoms in a number of different ways: two of the most important ones are observation (such as looking at your skin or in your ears) and tests (such as blood samples, imaging, etc.). However, there is a third critical way that physicians assess our health that is often overlooked by the patient: communication.