This is Your Brain on Pain

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is more than a frustration or a nuisance, it can truly impact every aspect of your life. It reduces your quality of life. Pain can be challenging to treat. Medications work in the short-term. However, due to the risks of pain medication, many doctors and scientists are researching and endorsing other [...]

How to Cope with Painful Episodes

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If you experience Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, you know your pain levels fluctuate. Sometimes it's tolerable, and sometimes it takes over entirely. Some people can predict episodes based on their triggers, while for others the pain strikes unexpectedly. Managing these painful episodes greatly improves your quality of life. Here are some methods you can use [...]

Benefits of Warm Baths

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Many people suffer from musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. If you have been suffering from painful conditions, consider perhaps the oldest form of alternative therapy: soaking in warm water. Here are some of the benefits of this ancient technique, explained in modern language:  Enhances circulation Heat improves blood circulation around aching [...]

Heat or Ice for Sore Muscles?

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When treating muscle pain, should you opt for cold or hot therapy? This tends to confuse people who have had different results with different methods of pain relief. Some think it's better to go for hot, while others think it's better to go for cold. For muscle pain caused by an injury, it's best to [...]

Do You Need to See a Pain Management Professional?

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Suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can become completely debilitating. 50 million Americans live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, yet many do nothing about it. They have simply accepted it as part of their routine. You should not allow your quality of life to dwindle because of the pain you experience. Perhaps you have gone [...]

Car Accident Injuries Can Have Long-Term Affects

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Car accidents can cause a range of injuries, from whiplash to broken bones to brain trauma. In some cases, the injuries may not even be noticeable until days after the accident. However, whether immediately noticeable or not, they often have long-term effects. The Effects of Car Accident Injuries Long-term neck pain and back pain are [...]

4 of the Worst Sports Injuries of All-Time

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Because athletes often push themselves to the physical limit, they are prone to experiencing injuries - even with all the training and conditioning they undergo. If you have a strong stomach, read on about some of the worst sports injuries ever: 1. Lacerated Throat Back in 1989, goalie Clint Malarchuk collided with another player during [...]

When to Worry About Your Neck Pain

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Neck pain is an issue millions of Americans suffer from. For many, the pain stems from poor posture or other easily corrected physical ailments. However, there are times where you should be more worried about your neck pain. If you experience any of the following red flags it is best to schedule an appointment with [...]

Suffering Daily Headaches? Here’s What to Watch For

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Getting headaches can be a common occurrence for many people. Sometimes headaches are caused from stress, too much wine, or even from eating your ice cream too fast. But when you have a persistent headache every day, that is an entirely different matter. If you are suffering from daily headaches here’s what you need to [...]

Lower Back Pain Treatments for Athletes

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Lower back pain afflicts about 80% of athletes. Most suffer back pain due to pressure from vigorous exercise, twisting, turning and bending the back to extreme angles. Rather than directly resulting from one injury, minor injuries create the conditions that lead to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome when untreated. Athletes often shy away from seeking help [...]