50 Million Americans Living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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50 Million Americans live and battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. With a population of around 320 million, nearly one in six suffers from some sort of recurring pain. With these kinds of startling (and growing) numbers, you can assuredly find a number of treatment service provides just about anywhere in the country. However, some [...]

Buddha’s View Of Four Noble Truths To Suffering

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Most of the world’s religions have something to say about pain and suffering. Buddhists believe that Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was born wealthy, but left his wealth to learn the truth about life. In his journey he met an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and an ascetic. He came to [...]

The Potential Negative Effects of Pain Medication

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People in pain want relief as quickly as possible, so it's not surprising many patients and doctors turn to analgesics ranging from steroids to opiods. Like antibiotics, these medications are overprescribed and overused. If you experience pain, it's important to consider a program of treatment beyond medication. The Potential Negative Effects of Pain Medication. These [...]

Causes of Dizziness

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Every one of us has those times when we feel unsteady. Dizziness is a symptom associated with several conditions ranging from mild dehydration to life-threatening issues. When it's associated with back pain, here's what you should know: Dizziness and Backache The back is responsible for a number of functions that include supporting the trunk, twisting, [...]

Even Movie Stars Have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can hamper anyone, including movie stars and big name celebrities. These are just a few of the actors and actresses who have openly admitted to suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Jillian Michaels Jillian has appeared in several movies and television shows, but she's best known as a fitness trainer for [...]

Evidence Shows Benefits of Psychological Care in Pain Management

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When suffering severe or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, quick fixes can prove tempting, but they often come with more detrimental consequences than you might like. Opioids do not cure pain. Instead, they adjust the chemical balance in your body, shielding it from some of the pain. Over the long term, opioid use can develop both [...]

How I Reclaimed My Life With Pain Management

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When suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome you may feel a sense of hopelessness. It may become debilitating and prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. It's important for you to realize you are not alone in this. There are 50 million other Americans who suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome on a [...]

Olympic Athletes Managing Their Pain

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Olympic athletes often push their bodies to the limits, so it's not surprising many of these individuals suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Whether an injury or years of vigorous training caused the injury, some of the top athletes in the world suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Carin Jennings Gabarra is one such individual. [...]

Understanding Opioids & Addiction

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One of the biggest problems facing Americans today is opioid addiction. Opioids include everything from heroin and morphine to prescription pain relievers. In fact, the problem has grown so large that many consider it an epidemic. According to the NY Times, opioids were responsible for the deaths of over 33,000 Americans in 2015 alone. Sadly, [...]

Spinal Professionals vs. Chiropractors

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People looking for relief from back pain often confuse chiropractors with spinal professionals. While both types of health care professionals deal with spinal problems, there are certain differences between the two: What Chiropractor's Do 1. Focus on the diagnosis and treatment of injured spinal nerves and muscles. In such cases, there is little need to [...]