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How you can help your loved one suffering from pain

CDC statistics indicate over 160 million adults in the U.S. live with two or more chronic illnesses.

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • COPD
  • MS
  • Crohn’s Disease

A staggering number of victims live with chronic pain, on a daily basis. This does not include sports and job-related job injuries or car and home accidents. The help and support you receive from your network of loving caregivers, is critical to your pain management process and success.

Chronic pain is an important family matter that concerns the entire family. This situation changes everyone’s life. Dear loved ones, struggling continuously with pain; share some common experiences, with their caregivers. You must recognize you are a team. You must work together to succeed.

  • Dramatic changes in their lives
  • A significant loss of independence
  • Restricted interaction with friends
  • Limited participation of interests and hobbies

Guidelines to Help a Loved One

  1. Try to provide an environment that fulfills his/her health needs. If for example, your loved one agonizes, when climbing stairs. Relocate the bedroom to the main floor of the house. Set-up an activity center that is appropriate for his physical and mental abilities.
  2. Keep the lines of communication flowing honestly between you both. Communication is the process of listening and talking.
  3. Exert patience, to the greatest extent possible. Do not take personally, everything your loved one does or says.
  4. Laughter is the best medicine; it strengthens and heals the body and refreshes and inspires the mind.
  5. Appreciate your blessings. Thank God throughout your day. Express your love and appreciation to each other.
  6. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your health team, at Pain Stop Clinics.
  7. Make plans and set goals; be prepared to make adjustments, when interruptions occur.
  8. Attitudes must exude positive optimism based on reality.
  9. Take one day, or even one hour at a time.
  10. Take care of yourself; you are import too.

Caring for a loved one, who lives with the daily cycle of pain, is fraught with complex challenges. One caregiver remarked. “I view the many difficulties in life, as puzzles to be solved.” This kind of positive thinking, will enable you to help your loved one overcome his/her circumstances with productive action. Together, you will learn creative strategies to help the most important person in your life, manage their chronic illnesses and their chronic pain. Pain Stop Clinics will help you achieve your health goals.

Chronic Pain triggers to watch out for

Chronic Pain triggers to watch out for

People living with chronic pain know first-hand, its debilitating effects. They may not realize what common triggers aggravate their health conditions or what triggers the onset of their pain. Are you a victim of chronic pain? You may find it enlightening and beneficial to keep “a pain journal.” Knowledge and awareness are powerful tools in pain management. Pain management is not simply the act of controlling your pain. Pain management is a comprehensive process, which includes learning and application procedures.

  • Learn what parts of your life you can control.
  • Learn the different ways you can control your life.
  • Using this knowledge and taking control of you life.
  • Understanding what areas of your life you cannot control.
  • Learn to accept this fact and keep a positive attitude.
  • Learn how to cope with chronic illness and chronic pain in your life
  • Use coping strategies to minimize pain; avoid stress, depression, and frustration.

Cause and Affect

People with chronic illnesses often experience chronic pain. Typically, they may have two or more conditions simultaneously; either or both of these can result in intense pain. Physiological and psychological conditions co-exist in many people. A person with diabetes may also suffer with neuropathy and depression, at the same time.

Various psychological and physiological conditions have overlapping characteristics; they can be the cause and or the effect. This chart will help you understand the cycle of pain that is so destructive and complex. Each of these triggers, effects, and problems promotes each other.

Emotions=anger, worry, irritable, depressed Head pain, abdominal pain, intestinal pain, back pain, overall body pain Sleeping, eating, relationships, job performance, weight gain, weight loss, fatigue
Sleep=too little, too much, interrupted, improper position Overall body pain, fatigue, back pain, neck pain, head pain, stress, emotions, eating Elevated blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance
Activity=too much, too little, fail to warm-up Body injuries, chronic pain Sleep, eating, job performance, emotions, stress, relationships
Eating=too much, too little, unhealthy Head pain, abdominal pain, intestinal pain, stress, fatigue Sleep, emotions, weight gain, weight loss
Stress Overall body pain, emotions, job performance Eating, sleeping, negative attitude, weight gain, weight loss

Pain Stop Clinics throughout Arizona recognize these alarming facts. These dedicated professionals understand the complex nature of pain, its numerous, duplicate causes and affects. Our professionals will help you understand the characteristics of your pain; and how to successfully manage it.

Overcome diabetic pain through exercise

Overcome Diabetic Pain through Exercise

Are you one of the 28 million Americans suffering with Diabetes? You may also be the 1 in 5 persons, who develop Diabetic Nerve Damage. This painful and debilitating condition is irreversible. Like many Diabetics, your activity decreased as your Diabetic Nerve Damage progressed; so did your pain.

Statistics indicate that traditional medical practices do not effectively resolve the pain associated with disease or injury. Not even the large doses of potent pain medication can intervene in your health crisis. Chronic pain and depression often dominate the life of a diabetic. Pain management helps you regain control of your life and break the destructive cycle of drug and alcohol dependence.

Pain management is the effective application of an alternative approach to traditional methods and practices. Pain management is a process that uses a variety of strategies and therapies, from numerous disciplines simultaneously. The multiple treatment procedures benefit every client plagued by chronic pain.

A Comprehensive Program Makes Us Different

All Pain Stop Clinics’ facilities offer a complete multi procedural approach in pain management. Skilled professionals in medicine provide numerous therapies, strategies, protocols, and counseling services that teach you how to achieve productive health goals. We help you develop a positive attitude about your life, which is essential to pain management.

  • Manage chronic pain and other symptoms resulting from disease and injury
  • Reduce stress
  • Participate in activities to the fullest extent
  • Make balanced, healthy choices
  • Have reasonable expectations

Why do leading medical experts advocate exercise?

  1. Helps you maintain lower blood sugar, which reduces neuropathy
  2. Increases your physical and mental well-being
  3. Increases your energy and stamina levels
  4. Helps you loose weight

Exercise Plans

  • Always follow the recommendations of your pain management team.
  • Keep an accurate record of your workouts and your blood glucose levels.
  • Develop good exercise habits; start slowly, set appropriate limits and goals.
  • Make exercise enjoyable; choose activities that interest you.
  • Be prepared; have water, snacks and supplies available.

Your pain Management Team offers you guidance, support, and advice based on your individual needs, circumstances, and objectives. We provide every client with a personal program that incorporates the expertise of various disciplines, who use multiple procedures that benefit you. Our Pain Stop Clinics, throughout Arizona provide the same supportive, effective, and comprehensive program in pain management to help you create an exercise program, just right for you. Be proactive! Join our team of health advocates.


Back Pain Do’s and Don’t s

There are many experiences that people share, and one of the unfortunate ones is back pain. It is highly likely that just about every adult you know has suffered through a bout of back soreness at one time or another.

Back pain can be caused by any number of reasons. Sometimes back pain comes from simple straining or lifting too much at once, and other incidents of back pain are disc-related and can render you almost immovable. When back pain strikes, all you want is a quick fix because without that your daily activities can quickly grind to a halt.

When you have back pain, there are some ways to alleviate the pain on your own.


•Medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can relieve inflammation and swelling.
•Resting with little movement will also bring relief.
•Use heat or ice to relieve back pain. Heating wraps are readily available in drug stores, and ice packs too, can decrease back pain, especially in your lower back.
•Pay attention to your posture. Slouching over video games or hunching for too long at a computer will only make things worse.
•Try some low-impact exercises such as swimming or yoga.

Don’t s:

•Don’t try more intense exercises, such as Pilates or working out at the gym. If you think these will ‘get the kinks out’ you may be making a bad back situation worse.
•Don’t sling a heavy pocketbook over your shoulders regularly. Backpacks, too, will put a strain on you and can easily cause upper back pain.
•If back pain persists, do not ignore it. It may be a sign of degenerative disc disease or herniated discs or even the beginnings of osteoarthritis.

When you feel severe back pain, the only wise choice is to contact your doctor. In addition to prescribing narcotic pain relievers and muscle relaxants if needed, they will assess your back problem thoroughly.

Back pain may continue for some time, or it may disappear as suddenly as it appeared without any treatment. A strained or wrenched back can heal on its own, but the pain may return if you resume the same activity that caused it in the first place.

For whatever type of back pain you have, there is relief available. At Pain Stop Clinics pain management in Phoenix is just a phone call away. Here you will find professionals who deal with back pain every day. They will provide a comprehensive treatment plan specifically for your back pain.

Find inspiration despite chronic pain

It’s the lucky person who can skip through life with no physical pain. Millions of people experience chronic pain, and sometimes the pain gets in the way of participating in the most enjoyable activities that life has to offer.

There are real ways to find inspiration despite suffering from chronic pain. Here are some suggestions to reflect on:

  • Learn to Be a Positive Person. No matter how you grew up, being positive in your life’s situations will be a huge boost to how you see life in general. There is always a way to see things in a good light, no matter how bleak they may seem right now. Think thoughts of goodwill, smile often, and believe in yourself. Do what you can to not feel sorry for your life or your circumstances.
  • Be an Accepting Person. This isn’t the same thing as giving up. Accept who you are, and what you have to work with. Then from there, you can begin to clear a path to less pain and better health. There are any number of techniques available to see you through to chronic pain relief.
  • Enjoy Your Life, Come What May. Holidays and family events come and go, but don’t let them go without you there. Always strive to place yourself in their midst, and you’ll be surprised at just what you can do when you really try hard.
  • Do What You Love to Do Best. Having a passion in life will go a long way to helping you to overcome chronic pain. When you immerse yourself in whatever it is that you enjoy and do best, you win over pain. No time to stay away, no time to take off, no time to tell yourself your pain needs to come first. It does not. Chronic pain treatment is often greatly aided by people who are passionate about their life in some way. Find your passion and live that passion.
  • Find Support in Family and Friends. This is where your pain management doctors in North Phoenix can be your lifeline, too. Talk to others, find a support group, and know that it is vital to engage with family and friends to overcome weaknesses you may be feeling right now. Good talks often lead to real ways of realizing you can grow beyond chronic pain.

Pain Stop Clinics Pain Management model that is individualized specifically to our patients in order to provide the highest quality of medical care without the use of surgery and/or lifelong pharmacological intervention. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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