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Diagnosing Radiating Pain: Where Is The Pain Coming From?

Sciatica PainPart of what has always been challenging for pain management professionals is diagnosing were the root problem in the body lies. Two primary reasons why the source of pain can be difficult to ascertain are pain referral and pain radiation. Both processes result in pain signals firing in parts of the body that are in disparate physical locations from the place where the pain disorder originates. Sciatica is a particularly common form of radiating pain, so we will discuss that particular condition as a case in point.

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The 3 Food Types You Should Be Avoiding If You Have Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis that involves an accrual of uric acid crystals in the body, particularly the joints. Gout prevention has become a major concern of arthritis experts and pain professionals: 8.3 million individuals, approximately 1 out of every 25 people, are currently experiencing the condition. It is especially common among senior citizens.

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Pain doesn’t care how old you are

Many people think that pain is only likely to be experienced among the elderly, but pain conditions are common for all ages. Our focus for this piece will be lower back pain (LBP), the number one reason for disability in members of the working population across the globe, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The statistics on LBP demonstrate that pain conditions are clearly not only a concern for senior citizens: the relationship between age and pain is more complex.

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Foods That Should Be In Your Fridge NOW If You Have Arthritis

Inflammation is a root cause of cancer, heart disease, and obesity – health conditions that impact millions in the US and around the world. Inflammation is also the direct cause of arthritis, so those with arthritis should be concerned that its underlying issue is shared with some of the deadliest diseases.

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Stop Grinding! 3 Pain-Related Problems Caused by Teeth-Grinding

Bruxism is a health condition in which a person grinds or clenches their teeth. The root cause of the disorder is unknown, but it seems to often be connected to heightened stress. This practice involves any type of aggressive interaction between one’s teeth, whether the action forces the teeth against one another or involves the sustained, noiseless practice of clenching.

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How Weight Affects Pain

Most pain associated with weight gain is neck, back and joint related. Some specific symptoms are knee and ankle pain as these joints carry the bulk of our weight. Although there is no “magic” number as to how much excess weight can cause or contribute to back pain, it is known that people who are severely overweight often are at greater risk for back pain, joint pain and muscle strain than those who are not obese.

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The Pain Stop Pain-Free Smoothie

Below, Dr. Mike Seifried introduces the Pain Stop recipe for a natural and great-tasting way to alleviate pain and promote overall health! The Pain-Free Smoothie is a simple recipe that will help reduce inflammation in the body as well as build up immune function. Making this part of your daily or even weekly routine will help reduce inflammation and thus pain and give you more energy!

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Demand the Best Healthcare and Treatment

When a patient walks into a pain management clinic for the first time, it is natural to be unsure of what to expect. You may have certain ideas from what you have heard from other patients, or advertisements you have seen online or on TV. But in this vlog today, we want to give you a basic guide as to what your expectations should be and the kind of standards we at Pain Stop believe anyone should be able to rely on as a pain-management patient.

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Top 4 Causes of TMJ and How You Can Prevent It

TMJ (temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder) is more common than you think. According to William De Vizio, DMD, more than 10 million Americans are afflicted with TMJ. It is experienced most often by women who are in their 20s or 30s, though it can affect anyone.

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