3 Strengthening Exercises to Promote Long-Term Lower-Back Health

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We at Pain Stop Clinics are always encouraging our patients to do at-home, specific exercises and stretches that will greatly effect pain treatment programs and promote long-term results. So we have put together a strengthening exercise series for you, and over the next three weeks we'll be releasing a new video every Thursday. Dr. Mike [...]

How Much Exercise is Too Much?

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concluding that the fitness level and overall health is extraordinarily high. However, in June 2013, the European Heart Journal published a study that concluded that the rule of moderation applies to physical fitness and exercise. The results found that when the body is pushed to extreme limits too fast and for too long it could have a negative affect. This is a good reminder of how important it is to ease into an exercise program and monitor exertion levels.

Stand-Up Office for Lower Back Pain

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Pain Stop recommends a large variety of at-home measures and every day lifestyle adjustments that can make a big difference in your quality of life and recovery. Here is one of our Pain Stop patients, Kevin Baldock, sharing how having a stand up office has made a big difference in his lower back pain. Sitting for long periods can cause increase in lower back pain symptoms and stress on muscles and joints - combining even part of your day with a standing office could be a great idea for those with a desk job of any kind!

When Trigger Point Injections Aren’t Working

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We get a lot of people asking us and commenting on our social media channels and via email that they have tried pain management clinics with no results. They are frustrated, understandably, and have asked how Pain Stop is different…. Well Pain Stop is different because we use different types of care at each visit, not only Trigger Point Injections.

What you need to know about treating a knee injury and knee pain

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Whether it is a fall, a car accident or a sprain from playing sports, a knee injury can be very painful and lead to ongoing problems, such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, difficulty bending, problems weight bearing, locking of the knee and instability. There are five different types of knee injuries and for each there is a specific recommended treatment.

Demonstration: Daily Lower Back Stretches Provide Pain Relief

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Dr. Mike Seifried demonstrates correct form for fast and simple lower back stretches we encourage our patients to do daily. Making a daily habit of these stretches should increase mobility and decrease stiffness and pain. These stretches should take you less than 5 minutes a day! Remember to always check with your pain physician or [...]

How does your diet affect headaches?

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What you eat can play a huge role in the amount of headaches you have (headache frequency) and the severity of pain you experience (headache intensity). That is true both with migraines (vascular constriction and dilation) and other types of headaches (vascular constriction). Lifestyle choices and other, often environmental, factors that tend to be a direct cause of individual headache attacks are called triggers. Dietary triggers are extraordinarily common.

Three Easy Neck Stretches That Reduce Pain

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Following these fast and simple neck stretches every day should increase mobility and decrease stiffness and pain. These stretches should take you less than 5 minutes a day! Remember to always check with your pain physician or chiropractor before starting a new workout or stretch regimen.

What Your Primary Care Doctor Doesn’t Know About Pain Symptoms

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To understand the real value of a pain management professional, it helps to look at why primary care physicians can sometimes be hesitant when approaching Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Dr. Abigail Zuger is a practicing physician who covers medical ethics for The New York Times, in a series called Hard Cases. Last May, she discussed the treatment of pain by general practitioners and the various challenges surrounding it.