Complex Regional Pain Syndrome triggers to watch out for

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                                     Complex Regional Pain Syndrome triggers to watch out for

People living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome know first-hand, its debilitating effects. They may not realize what common triggers aggravate their health conditions or what triggers the onset of their pain. Are you a victim of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? You may find it enlightening and beneficial to keep “a pain journal.” Knowledge and awareness are powerful tools in pain management. Pain management is not simply the act of controlling your pain. Pain management is a comprehensive process, which includes learning and application procedures.

  • Learn what parts of your life you can control.
  • Learn the different ways you can control your life.
  •  Using this knowledge and taking control of you life.
  • Understanding what areas of your life you cannot control.
  • Learn to accept this fact and keep a positive attitude.
  • Learn how to cope with chronic illness and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in your life
  • Use coping strategies to minimize pain; avoid stress, depression, and frustration.

 Cause and Affect

People with chronic illnesses often experience Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Typically, they may have two or more conditions simultaneously; either or both of these can result in intense pain. Physiological and psychological conditions co-exist in many people. A person with diabetes may also suffer with neuropathy and depression, at the same time.

Various psychological and physiological conditions have overlapping characteristics; they can be the cause and or the effect. This chart will help you understand the cycle of pain that is so destructive and complex. Each of these triggers, effects, and problems promotes each other.

Emotions=anger, worry, irritable, depressed Head pain, abdominal pain, intestinal pain, back pain, overall body pain Sleeping, eating, relationships, job performance, weight gain, weight loss, fatigue
Sleep=too little, too much, interrupted, improper position Overall body pain, fatigue, back pain, neck pain, head pain, stress, emotions, eating Elevated blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance
Activity=too much, too little, fail to warm-up Body injuries, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Sleep, eating, job performance, emotions, stress, relationships
Eating=too much, too little, unhealthy Head pain, abdominal pain, intestinal pain, stress, fatigue Sleep, emotions, weight gain, weight loss
Stress Overall body pain, emotions, job performance Eating, sleeping, negative attitude, weight gain, weight loss

Pain Stop Clinics throughout Arizona recognize these alarming facts. These dedicated professionals understand the complex nature of pain, its numerous, duplicate causes and affects. Our professionals will help you understand the characteristics of your pain; and how to successfully manage it.