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Arm, Wrist, and Hand Numbness

October 09, 2013


If you are experiencing arm, wrist, or hand numbness that is tingling around a joint, this can be caused by a number of things including trauma, disease or illness. Needless to say, frequent numbness and tingling can be very distracting and frustrating for patients. The tingling may be hot or cold and may be accompanied by a lack of movement in the hands. Skin discoloration is also common.

It is important to properly diagnose the symptoms so that the right treatment can be applied and pain can not only be eliminated but also prevent future occurrences. Below is a list of some of the treatments we offer at Pain Stop Clinics for Arm, Wrist, and Hand numbness.

Treatments for Arm, Wrist and Hand Numbness:

wrist-painPain Stop Clinics provides treatments for most all conditions of arm, wrist, and hand numbness. Our team of dedicated medical doctors will identify the cause of your condition and then properly treat your condition with the best possible procedure and latest technology. At Pain Stop Clinics we will not only relieve your numbness and tingling but help you prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

Causes of Arm, Wrist & Hand Numbness & Tingling

If you are suffering from tingling in the hand and wrist many times the condition is related to carpal tunnel syndrome which can develop from over use of the hand wrist and fingers. Most of the times tingling with the arm, wrist, and hand is caused by injury but if injury is not the culprit there are other common causes.

  • Tendon Pain– Tissue around the tendon becomes weak and pain is felt in the area of the tendons
  • Repetitive Motion Syndrome – Symptoms of pain, swelling, and or tenderness that occur from the same motion over and over
  • Writers Cramps – Pain and cramping of the hand from repetitive finger motion
  • Trigger Finger – Problems within the tendon limiting finger movement
  • Injury – Breaks, sprains, fractures & dislocations
  • Arthritis – The breakdown and inflammation of the joints
  • Gout – Joint swelling and pain from uric acid crystals that form around the joints

Our offices offer comprehensive diagnostic testing to help our physicians accurately diagnose the reasons for arm numbness, tingling in the hands, and pins and needles in the wrists. Once an accurate diagnosis is obtained, our effective and innovative treatments for numbness have a high rate of success for relieving arm, wrist, and hand conditions. Contact Pain Stop Clinics as soon as you feel symptoms for proper treatment.

Treatments for Arm, Wrist, and Hand Numbness

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