Migraines | Migraine Treatment Phoenix | Headache Pain Relief

Migraines | Migraine Treatment Phoenix | Headache Pain Relief

September 15, 2013

Migraine-TreatmentIf you are like many Americans you may suffer from occasional headaches and you know the common symptoms: Light sensitivity, nausea, sensitivity to sounds, and the never-ending pounding.  When you have a headache nothing can be accomplished and everything around you seems to echo and radiate in your head. It is truly a horrible feeling.

Headaches can end up controlling your life if you let them, pain often times can be related to nerves in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Pain can radiate upwards from a pinched nerve or tight muscles. This pain can result from poor posture, injury, or repetitive movement patterns through out the day.

Pain can be worse for those that suffer from chronic migraines, or chronic tension headaches. Headache and migraines make up the 7th most common reason for outpatient visits in the United States. Headache and migraines can develop from a variety of different situations; some of these “triggers” are listed below.

Headache and Migraine triggers:headache-cranbourne-north (2)-1

  • Smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Excessive physical exertion
  • Change in sleep times/patterns
  • Missing meals or changing your body’s feeding times
  • Hormone changes
  • Birth control
  • Alcohol
  • Dehydration
  • Intense lights, sounds, and smells
  • Certain foods, cheese, heavily salted foods, processed foods.

New FDA Cleared Treatment:  MiRx Protocol

Pain Stop Clinics has a solution for those that suffer from a variety of types of chronic migraines and headaches. It is called the MiRx Protocol; An innovative treatment that utilizes a FDA cleared nasal applicator to focus on a specific nerve cluster in the nasal cavity.  The MiRx Protocol can eliminate migraine and headache pain in seconds by neutralizing the nerve. The treatment is applicable on a variety of headache types but accurate diagnosis is tremendously important to produce long-term relief.

headache-reliefSymptoms of Headaches and Migraines

Individuals get headaches due to many different kinds of reasons; the most common headaches are mild and not life threatening. However, sometimes headaches and migraines can be an indicator of much more serious conditions such as diseases.


  • Migraine headaches may predispose you to a stroke
  • Headaches may be a sign of glaucoma
  • Headaches can be the first sign of a growing brain tumor (extremely rare)

If you suffer from headaches and migraines on a consistent basis please come and see the professionals at Pain Stop Clinics. Our expert team of pain management specialists will evaluate all aspects of your headache and migraine conditions and utilize the MiRx Protocol to relax the headache and migraine symptoms to help us isolate the cause of the pain.  Often times the pain can be distracting and prevents accurate diagnosis.  MiRx Protocol allows us to separate the condition and identify the source of your headaches and migraines then we take the steps to eliminate the source. Contact Pain Stop Clinics today and become headache and migraine pain free.

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