Doctor’s Orders: Chiropractic Tips for Full-Body Wellness

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Wellness definition

Chiropractic Tips for Full-Body WellnessWellness, as a concept that’s linked closely to the notion of health, is being used frequently in the media, as well as by doctors and patients. However, many people don’t know exactly what wellness is. The official definition from the American Chiropractic Association states that it’s a process directed at improving both health and quality of life. Essentially, wellness refers to life-enhancing tactics such as diet, exercise, and preventative care.

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, wellness has become more prominent as a way to boost the general health of the population and curb the incredible expenses of chronic diseases, according to former ACA president Dr. Rick McMichael. “It’s time for people to understand that they have the power to take charge of their health and be well enough to do the activities they enjoy,” he added.

Wellness coaching

Chiropractors are typically well-versed on wellness and the general field of preventative care. Because that’s the case, they often will serve a dual role as a wellness coach. Patients typically visit doctors of chiropractic for pain relief and realignment, but a chiropractor often goes beyond the physical adjustment to provide holistic wellness tips.

Many people don’t initially understand why the chiropractic perspective is so valuable. The reason is that within the context of traditional medicine, wellness is considered to be the absence of disease. A chiropractor isn’t just focused on whether or not you are ill. Rather, they are more centrally focused on DIY prevention and long-term health.

Tip #1 – Positivity

Wisconsin chiropractor Dr. Scott Bautch said that his initial tactic to assist patients with wellness is to work with them on stress-reduction and adapting to everyday changes without succumbing to mood swings.

Some methods that you can try in order to become more positive are spending time in nature, trying to smile at your human foibles, and building a support network.

Tip #2 – Motion

Motion is key to Bautch’s advice as well. “Americans today take significantly fewer steps than previous generations, and they spend a great deal more time in sedentary positions,” he commented. “Adding more motion to your life can be a huge step toward living well.”

Tip #3 – Intake

Diet is the third component of Bautch’s wellness program. The intake of food is essential to smooth operation of your body’s machinery. Here are three specific tips:

  1. Eat more organic and raw fruits and vegetables.
  2. Increase your water intake.
  3. Get at least 25 g of fiber daily.

Chiropractic expertise

Often coupled with physical therapy in multidisciplinary settings, chiropractic care goes beyond the spinal adjustment to include wellness tactics as well.

Make sure that the chiropractor you choose is part of a responsible pain management team. That’s true of our doctors of chiropractic at Pain Stop Clinics, such as Dr. Mitch Healey, who says, “You will thank me tomorrow.” Your pain stops here.