Injury Hotline

(480) 331-4222

Why Pain Stop Clinics:

Accident Injuries We Treat:

Injury Treatment Professionals

If you have experienced a car accident injury, workplace injury, or personal injury and need immediate treatment, it is important that you contact our Injury Hotline at (480) 331-4222. Often times we can see you the same day, in less than an hour, or the next morning.

Due to the sensitivity and urgency of many car accidents and workplace injuries, we reserve appointment times daily to accommodate your needs.

Same Day Appointments are important for 2 reasons:

  1. Safety – Immediately diagnose the injury and provide you with the correct treatment for a successful recovery and pain relief.
  2. Documentation – Document the onset of the injury, and the recommended course of treatment.

The First 72 hours are Critical

It is important to get this exam and treatment within 72 hours of the accident to give yourself the best opportunity for a successful long-term recovery.

Experienced in Accident Injury Care

The treatment programs used within Pain Stop Clinics not only mitigate the pain, but work to stabilize the troubled area with the goal of preventing additional injury. Our team of pain management professionals, which includes doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, medical assistants, and therapists, are available to get you on the road to recovery. Give us a call today!



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