Lower Back Pain Treatments for Athletes

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Lower back pain afflicts about 80% of athletes. Most suffer back pain due to pressure from vigorous exercise, twisting, turning and bending the back to extreme angles. Rather than directly resulting from one injury, minor injuries create the conditions that lead to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome when untreated.

Athletes often shy away from seeking help as they are in fear of losing time, losing their position, missing a game or disappointing their team. Instead, they opt for over the counter medication or just bear the pain. This may ultimately lead to lower spinal injury.

Diagnosis of Pain

Pain management professionals use intake interviews, physical exams, scans and X-rays to identify areas that need treatment.

Treatments & Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Most treatments for athletes rely on more conservative and non surgical methods. These include:

  • Heat and ice treatments, which can be alternated.
  • Spine mobilization, which increases flexibility and blood flow to reduce spinal pressure and muscle tension.
  • Physical therapy aimed at strengthening the back muscles, relieving pain and increasing functionality.
  • Exercise routines designed to condition and rehabilitate your spine.

If you are an athlete experiencing lower back pain, don’t ignore it or try to cover it up. The sooner you treat your pain, the sooner you will perform at your best without resorting to risky medications.