Massage techniques that reduce pain

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As a treatment option, massage therapy can have substantial benefits. People suffering with chronic conditions and their associated Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, experience noticeable relief, from a long list of symptoms and the continuous cycle of pain.

Every year millions of people suffer intense pain caused by diseases and injuries. One hundred types of cancers cause a variety of painful symptoms. Injuries occurring from sports and car accidents often cause severe pain. Victims of accidents that take place at work and at home may have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as well.

The manipulation, rubbing, and or pressing of the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can decrease or relieve the pain caused by disease or injury. Your  type of pain determines which of the various forms of massage therapy will be the most effective. Different types of pain require different therapy techniques.

Therapeutic Massage Classifications

Western Tradition Swedish Message Eastern Tradition  “Finger Pressure” Chronic condition relieve Complex Regional Pain Syndrome relief
Soft-tissue release is a technique to restore strength and flexibility to muscles after an injury. Acupressure: Ancient Asian technique stimulates the body’s immune system and promotes self-healing. Sports injuries, fibromyalgia, diabetes, TMJ pain.                Muscle spasms in back, arms, and legs that result from sports injuries and accidents.
Trigger-point massage stretches the muscle and connective tissue. This technique deactivates areas of the muscle that cause pain. Reflexology manipulates nerves in the hand and foot. This technique strengthens various areas of your body causing illness and pain. Neck and shoulder pain, accidents at work and home.                              Trauma and injuries caused by accidents at home or at work.
Neuromuscular massage uses a static pressure technique that relieves nerve and muscle pain. Jin-shin do is a Japanese technique of acupressure that maintains pressure for 1 or 2 minutes. Muscle and joint pain, car accidents, sciatica. Fibromyalgia, arm/hand/wrist numbness
Lymphatic drainage massage applies a slow, soft technique to stimulate the lymphatic system. Thai massage: applies pressure along the body’s lines of energy, causing painful chronic conditions. Headaches, arthritis,  neuropathy, restless legs syndrome.                     Relieves the pain caused by cancer and edema
Craniosacral massage uses a gentle technique that improves the body’s healing abilities Increases energy, emotional and biochemical balance

Pain Stop Clinics use massage therapy in a balanced fusion of several treatment procedures. These natural remedies strengthen your body’s immune system and improve your physical and mental well-being. Both Western and Eastern massage techniques can reduce pain.