Migraine Pain, Symptoms & Treatments

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Migraine pain can be some of the most agonizing of all pains you’ll ever experience. Coupled with light sensitivity, nausea, and vomiting, migraines are very detrimental to living a full life.

You may have gone through a myriad list of treatments – things that were supposed to alleviate the migraine pain thoroughly. You may have tried remedies such as:

• Over The Counter Pain Medications
• Prescription Medications
• Exercising
physical therapy
• Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Surgery
• Supplements
• Self-Help Programs
• Nerve Blocks
• Stretching

… and still the migraine headaches come.

What causes migraines?

While some people can point to very specific triggers which are seemingly causing their pain, others remain baffled as to what triggers a migraine. Some point to allergies, stress, smoking, alcohol, hormonal changes (especially in women), foods, fasting, changes in sleep patterns, bright lights, or medications.

Triggers don’t always cause migraines, and avoiding triggers will not prevent migraines, either. So what can you do to prevent the onset of migraines, and how can you get some migraine relief?

When you contact your pain management in Phoenix, they offer a non-surgical, comprehensive approach to evaluating and treating your migraine headaches. Your team will use an advanced diagnosis evaluation to find exactly where your head pain is coming from, and then they will then determine which physical and medical treatments you will need.

Specific treatments are tailored to your individual diagnosis, not some generalized prescription for one and all. There are 2 critical components to this migraine pain treatment.

The first component is called the MiRx Protocol. This is a non-surgical nerve block technique which will relieve your migraine pain by targeting a nerve which is located in your nasal cavity. Pain relief is almost instant. This treatment is safe for everyone including pregnant women. It isn’t addictive and it will help to prevent future migraine episodes.

The second component is Advanced physical therapy combined with Bio Feedback Recognition. By combining the knowledge and expertise of our best doctors and therapists, along with you identifying physical and emotional triggers that bring on migraines, we have an amazing success rate for treating migraines.

By calming the nervous system with a nerve block treatment allows for the physical aspects to go to work most effectively. You will learn what to look for, how to recognize triggers, and respond to all of the external factors that you have control over in your life.

At Pain Stop Clinics, the pain management professionals in Phoenix, migraine pain relief is closer than you think!