Overcome diabetic pain through exercise

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                                 Overcome Diabetic Pain through Exercise

 Are you one of the 28 million Americans suffering with Diabetes? You may also be the 1 in 5 persons, who develop Diabetic Nerve Damage. This painful and debilitating condition is irreversible. Like many Diabetics, your activity decreased as your Diabetic Nerve Damage progressed; so did your pain.

Statistics indicate that traditional medical practices do not effectively resolve the pain associated with disease or injury. Not even the large doses of potent pain medication can intervene in your health crisis. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and depression often dominate the life of a diabetic. Pain management helps you regain control of your life and break the destructive cycle of drug and alcohol dependence.

Pain management is the effective application of an alternative approach to traditional methods and practices. Pain management is a process that uses a variety of strategies and therapies, from numerous disciplines simultaneously. The multiple treatment procedures benefit every client plagued by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

A Comprehensive Program Makes Us Different

All Pain Stop Clinics’ facilities offer a complete multi procedural approach in pain management. Skilled professionals in medicine provide numerous therapies, strategies, protocols, and counseling services that teach you how to achieve productive health goals. We help you develop a positive attitude about your life, which is essential to pain management.

  • Manage  chronic  pain and other symptoms resulting from disease and injury
  • Reduce stress
  • Participate in activities to the fullest extent
  • Make balanced, healthy choices
  • Have reasonable expectations

Why do leading medical experts advocate exercise?

  1. Helps you maintain lower blood sugar, which reduces neuropathy
  2. Increases your physical and mental well-being
  3. Increases your energy and stamina levels
  4. Helps you loose weight

 Exercise Plans

  • Always follow the recommendations of your pain management team.
  • Keep an accurate record of your workouts and your blood glucose levels.
  • Develop good exercise habits; start slowly, set appropriate limits and goals.
  • Make exercise enjoyable; choose activities that interest you.
  • Be prepared; have water, snacks and supplies available.

Your pain Management Team offers you guidance, support, and advice based on your individual needs, circumstances, and objectives. We provide every client with a personal program that incorporates the expertise of various disciplines, who use multiple procedures that benefit you. Our Pain Stop Clinics, throughout Arizona provide the same supportive, effective, and comprehensive program in pain management to help you create an exercise program, just right for you. Be proactive! Join our team of health advocates.