Pain doesn’t care how old you are

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Pain Doesn’t Care How Old You Are


Many people think that pain is only likely to be experienced among the elderly, but pain conditions are common for all ages. Our focus for this piece will be lower back pain (LBP), the number one reason for disability in members of the working population across the globe, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The statistics on LBP demonstrate that pain conditions are clearly not only a concern for senior citizens: the relationship between age and pain is more complex.

A recent article in Everyday Health discussed the connection between back pain and the aging process. As detailed below, the piece stressed that back pain can be prevented and alleviated (in part) with adjustments to one’s daily habits. The cornerstones of a pain-free lifestyle are enumerated, and types of behavior are explored that are particularly dangerous regarding development of a back condition – giving readers simple and effective pain alleviation tactics.

Senior couple enjoying holidays in mountains Causes of back pain & simple solutions

Most people suffer from pain in their backs at some point during life. Activities and circumstances that often contribute to back pain include postural problems, obesity and weight conditions, tobacco use, nutritional imbalances, diseases of the spine, and even cancer. Nonetheless, as Everyday Health emphasizes, aging is really the biggest cause of back pain that exists. The reason that pain is critical for anyone to consider, regardless how old or young they are, is that age and pain have a developmental relationship: preventative medicine is our best defense.

Since the best way to avoid back pain in the future is to take care of your body throughout your life, the following simple tactics can be used to your benefit – keeping your body strong, reducing pain likelihood in the coming decades, and providing pain alleviation for any discomfort you already experience:

  • maintenance of proper posture, both when standing and when seated (with particular concern for computer setups)
  • flexibility and strength exercises, along with avoidance of overeating, to keep weight within healthy boundaries
  • meals that give you the nutrients you need so that your joints continue to operate at an optimal level.

Causes of back pain & simple solutions

Along with the general tips provided above for a pain-free lifestyle, Everyday Health recommends seeking guidance from a professional pain management clinic. At Pain Stop Clinics, we provide responsible pain management that is focused on avoiding both surgery and lifelong medication. Book your free consultation, X-ray, and hydromassage today .