Rise above your pain using Spiritual Steps

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How can we Rise above Our Pain by Using Spiritual Steps?

Pain is a constant reality for millions of children and adults around the world. It is a mystery to most doctors. Their inability to provide any kind of effective treatment, left Complex Regional Pain Syndromes sufferers frustrated, without relief or hope.

Dr. John Bonica created a multidisciplinary treatment program that revolutionized traditional medical practices. This effective treatment option used the expertise of many professionals.  This combination of strategies, therapies, and procedures provided a comprehensive approach for people living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Dr. Bonica started the first pain management facility, which established these pain management principles.

  1. Acute Pain is different from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Acute pain is a symptom of disease, injury or biological abnormality. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is the disease. It is incurable, treatable and manageable.
  2. Your body produces natural pain-relieving chemicals, called endorphins that reduces or inhibits the sensations of pain.
  3. Positive attitudes have positive effects on emotions; emotions can trigger pain.
  4. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome affects all areas of that person’s life and the life of loved ones.

The successful treatment and management of pain concerns these connected conditions and outcomes.

  • Biomedical: your body’s ability to tolerate environmental stresses
  • Environmental stresses: metabolic or physiologic impairment that occurs in response to a difficult event
  • Your conditions and mental processes interact with each other
  • Your beliefs, attitudes, expectations, and emotions regulate this relationship and its outcomes, which means the ways you act and react to the constant changes in your life.

 How Can Your Spirituality Help?

Faith entwines the lives of Christians. Their faith is God-centered and God-directed. Christian qualities of strength, power, joy, self-control, hope, and endurance emanate from God. Their trust and reliance on him is implicit.

  • Prayer is one way Christians express their faith and trust in God. God responds and supplies them with the power to endure under trying circumstances, the strength to enjoy life and remain hopeful. He enhances their thinking abilities, which enables them to make good choices about their health.
  • The Scriptures provide encouragement, inspiration, and sound advice; “take one day at a time.” Godly advice reduces stress.
  • When Christians act on his advice, they draw closer to God, feel genuine relief and solace.

Pain Stop Clinics understand the body/mind correlation of pain. The united efforts of many disciplines and their diverse resources help Complex Regional Pain Syndrome sufferers successfully manage their pain. Pain Stop Clinics and Locations do not advocate one religion over another. The above example is one example and may not reflect the views of all employees and representatives.