Setting goals in the face of pain and illness

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Do you live with chronic illness(s) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome daily? Do you struggle to perform basic tasks and enjoy simple activities? Do doctors treat you as if you are part of a research study, with a relevant set of symptoms? Are you unhappy and tired of sickness and pain controlling your life?

Setting goals will help you regain control of your life. It is a fundamental step in the pain management process. Do not set goals in spite of overwhelming health problems in your life——–set goals because this is an effective way to manage them.

Your personal pain management team includes eminent doctors, nurses, therapists, and counselors who are professionals in various disciplines. Your health advocates serve your best interests. They will help you assess your conditions, understand your capabilities and limitations, and recognize the characteristics and the extent of your pain. Your team will prepare you to select the best starting point for your goals.

 Getting started

Choose mini goals from a variety of objective areas. Then break these mini goals into small, practical steps.

  1. Physical goals
  2. Health goals
  3. Emotional/ Attitude goals
  4. Skill learning goals

These mini goals will help you achieve your ultimate goal: improve your health Helping  you manage a difficult area, better and easier, can be a secondary goal. This might seem like an impossible undertaking. Remember you are not alone; your wellness team will support your earnest efforts, with thoughtful encouragement, guidance

How to Set Your Goals

  1. Be realistic
  1. Start with a few
  2. Start slow
  3. Review frequently
  4. Understand the steps to achieve your goals
  5. Set specific goals
  6. Use a reasonable time frame
  7. Celebrate your achievements

 How will you benefit from your diligent effort?

  • You will feel better physically and psychologically
  • You can cope with stress more effectively
  • You will appreciate and enjoy your life more
  • You will discover techniques for handling your limitations
  • Your attitude will be more positive and productive
  • You will learn different ways to stay active
  • You will be proactive in your health care and assume control of your life again

Chronic diseases or injuries can disrupt anyone’s life. It is often beyond our ability to stop or alter. When you understand and accept this fact, you can start learning techniques that will help you adjust. Positive, healthy choices strengthen your physical and mental well-being. You can manage your life happily and successfully.