Spinal Professionals vs. Chiropractors

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People looking for relief from back pain often confuse chiropractors with spinal professionals. While both types of health care professionals deal with spinal problems, there are certain differences between the two:

What Chiropractor’s Do

1. Focus on the diagnosis and treatment of injured spinal nerves and muscles. In such cases, there is little need to undergo medication or surgery, and the problem can usually be resolved through the proper type of rehabilitative exercise and movements.

2. Chiropractors usually offer treatment through adjustment of the spine. Misaligned spines are a common cause of back pain, and can usually be set right manually.

3. The emphasis is on reducing pain from a spinal problem to help improve the patient’s functionality.

4. Chiropractors also help the patients avoid future injury to the spine by educating them on healthier practices through exercise, ergonomics and various types of therapies for back pain.

What Spinal Professionals Do

1. Focus on treating a variety of spinal conditions. The title of spine professional can refer to chiropractors, but can also additionally include physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain management therapists, anesthesiologists and any other type of medical professional that deals with back pain or injuries.

2. While chiropractors often work alone, spinal professionals may comprise an entire team of health professionals. This can happen if the back injury or illness is too complex to be resolved through manual adjustment or rehabilitative exercise alone.

3. Many spinal professionals depend a great deal on surgery and intravenous and oral medication for getting results rather than relying solely on physical therapy. If the patient’s back problems are not due to a neuromuscular condition, additional treatment methods may be required to set the problem right.