Angelique Gore | Medical Assistant |

Angelique Gore | Medical Assistant

February 04, 2014

Angelique Gore | Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Angelique (Angie) is a Medical Assistant at Pain Stop – North Phoenix. Angelique’s official title is “Float” because she gets to float around the office and help wherever she is needed. This is good as it keeps Angelique very busy at the clinic! Primarily she does patient consents, which include getting the vitals on patients, and prepping them for their procedure and letting the medical providers know when the patient is ready. She also helps with the special procedures on Saturdays. She loves working at Pain Stop because every day is a new adventure and it is like the first day all over again. Angelique likes feeling that she is making a difference and loves helping others. It is rewarding seeing the patients getting better with the fantastic level of care they receive.

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