Ann Marie Ybarra | Medical Assistant |

Ann Marie Ybarra | Medical Assistant

February 04, 2014

Ann Marie Ybarra | Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Ann Marie went to school at Brookline College for Medical Assisting and did her externship at Pain Stop – North Phoenix. She was hired immediately after graduation and has been at North Phoenix since then. When she first started working at Pain Stop, the medical side was very new. As a result, she has been part of the growth and has helped shape the medical side into what it is today. What Ann Marie loves most about Pain Stop are her co-workers and patients and they are the best part about coming in everyday. The patient’s love that they are treated with respect and dignity and are seen by people that actually care about their health. The patients love that they can get everything done at one time and they are an actual person rather than just a number on a chart.

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