Franklin Simmons | Massage Therapist |

Franklin Simmons | Massage Therapist

July 20, 2016

Frank was born in Germany thanks to a military family, but Arizona is truly where he’s from. After high school, he shortly went into school for massage therapy at Arizona School of Massage Therapy, where he completed both the Professional and Master Bodyworker programs. After this, he found work at Pain Stop on the marketing side, going to schools, businesses, and events to show clients what we offer. As such, working at Pain Stop on the marketing side only helped propel him into the clinic workplace soon after. Frank is incredibly proud to work at Pain Stop due to his spectacular coworkers and his belief that Pain Stop truly does offer the best pain management service. Frank finds that, thanks to helpful and polite staff, who truly do care about client’s well being, and their quick and resourceful assistance, that Pain Stop really should be everyone’s go to location for true and long lasting pain management.

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