Michael Acuna | Medical Assistant |

Michael Acuna | Medical Assistant

June 25, 2014

Michael Acuna | Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Michael was born in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from Brookline College. Even though there were struggles Michael just kept looking forward until he reached his goals. Michael loves working at Pain Stop – North Phoenix because every day he gets to meet new people and likes to see them leave with a smile on their face. Some patients say they feel relaxed, calm and safe when Michael is in the room and that was why he became a medical assistant in the first place… to help people feel safe and relief. Michael knows how hard it can be to go into a medical office and be nervous and scared. Michael grew up as the second oldest and always had a bright future ahead of him. He knew this at a young age and even though there were walls along his path he still made it to where he wanted to be. Pain Stop Clinics and Michael have one thing in common … they do what they can to make sure everyone walks away with a smile!

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