Oliver Hilcove - Massage Therapist in North Scottsdale | Pain Stop

Oliver Hilcove| Physical Medical Assistant

December 13, 2015

Oliver might be the most interesting employee Pain Stop has. He was born in South Africa and can pull off the accents if you ask for it, has been a professional ballroom dancer/instructor for 13 years, is a certified ski instructor (snow skiing), has competed in water ski freestyle jumping and enjoys all other sorts of extreme sports. Since he’s tried them all, when asked what his next adventure might be, he said, “I’ve never played polo. You know, with the horses. I’ve done water polo, but I would like to try it on horseback.”

Oliver has been with the Pain Stop North Scottsdale since early 2015 as a Massage Therapist. “I have worked in so many different fields because I love being around all sorts of different people. This job gets me around lots of people and they all leave feeling better than when they came in. I like being a part of that.” When not in the clinic, or on the dance floor, or on a ski of some sort, Oliver spends as much time as he can with his son Nicolas.

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