Stop Suffering From Tendinitis: 9 Treatment Options

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Achilles tendinitisAccording to WedMd, “Tendinitis (also called tendonitis) is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, a thick cord that attaches bone to muscle.” Tendonitis is most often caused by repetitive, minor impact on the affected area, or from a sudden more serious injury. Repetitive activities that cause tendonitis can be anything from gardening to shoveling, from painting to golf. Bad posture at work or home and not stretching properly before or after exercise and activities can also cause tendonitis

How to Plan for a Pain-Free Vacation

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It's that time of year when school is getting out and Phoenix is starting to heat up and the thing on the minds of many families is "VACATION!" Whether you usually go out of state, or look for budget-friendly "stay-cation" ideas, taking a break from the bustle of life is very important; and relaxing vacations are proven to reduce stress and improve overall health. Dr.Erin Waychoff, DC, Pain Stop CEO gives some great tips in this week's video blog, on how to plan a pain-free vacation and read on in our blog post for 9 tips for you on how to plan the perfect pain-free vacation.

The 5 Common Pain Myths

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commonpainmythsBe careful not to fall for any of the common Complex Regional Pain Syndrome myths. These so-called “facts” can undermine your pain management plan before it ever gets off the ground. How? They convince you that your Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is in the driver’s seat and that there’s little you can do about your aches and pains. The solution: Clear your mind of any mistaken beliefs you’ve adopted, starting with these myths: