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Disabling Injuries in America

Serious disabling injuries affect many Americans. While some are work-related, they all can lead to missed hours at work, and a loss of pay. Employers are impacted by this as well. When workers are unable to work, there is a loss in productivity and costs.

While there are no common disabling injuries as a whole, however there are those which seem to occur with greater frequency. These include falling injuries, overexertion injuries, and bodily reaction injuries.

Falling Injuries

These injuries can occur anywhere, and can be from a great height or even just a few feet. Falling injuries can result in head or back pain. Depending on your age and physical condition, falls may not result in a serious injury, or they may have you turning to pain management in Phoenix for relief.

Falling can result in not just broken bones, but also time lost at work. Once injured, you may discover that things are never the same again. In any falling injury situation, the best solution is an early examination, undertaken with your doctor, so that full recovery and relief can be achieved.

Overexertion Injuries

These include lifting objects that are too heavy for you, stretching too far, or staying in a bent position too long. Of course, the older you are and the more out of shape you feel, the greater the likelihood that these incidents can lead to serious back pain and strain.

Once you suffer with back pain, it may occur again. In fact, chronic back pain is a major disabling injury for many, and without physio therapy the pain may not subside.

Bodily Reaction Injuries

This category of injury includes migraine headaches, sciatica pain, and other disabling injuries which may have been brought on by straining or overexertion.

Millions of people suffer with migraines. Nowadays, there is real migraine relief where once there was none. Pain management in Phoenix is very real and very accessible.

Sciatica pain is when you have sudden, severe pain which usually radiates down one leg. It can be at its worst when you go from a sitting to a standing position and may be accompanied by numbness or tingling. Sciatica can prohibit you from sleeping properly and having a full and productive life.

Don’t suffer with any disabling injury anymore. Pain management in Phoenix is only a phone call away. Your pain management doctors will prescribe a pain relief plan specifically with you in mind.

Things You Need to Know If You Suffer From Migraines

Migraine headaches are more than just your typical headache. They are the result of specific changes in the brain, although what causes migraines isn’t fully known. Usually, they consist of a pounding pain in your head, which can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and eye pain.

There are a number of factors which seem to trigger migraine headaches, such as stress, hormonal changes, certain foods, or even loud noises. Once you are in the grip of a migraine headache all you want is for the pain to go away.

In the past you may have tried any number of remedies in the search for the one that would provide you with the best pain-free condition. Some may have worked for a while, some may never have worked, and others may have seemed to be too far ‘out there’ to bother with. You’ve probably gone through the prescription medication route, OTC meds, massage therapy, stretching, aroma therapy, nerve block shots, supplements, and you may have even tried surgery to bring some relief.

When you talk with your pain management doctors in North Phoenix, you’ll discover how they are using a two-pronged approach to help their patients reduce and even eliminate the pain of migraines. This treatment is not suitable for every individual, but it has been effective for many.

This treatment begins with the MiRx Protocol, which is a non-surgical nerve block technique for relieving pain through targeting a nerve located in the nasal cavity. Pain relief is almost instant and can last for weeks. This protocol is combined with advanced physiotherapy, where physiotherapists and chiropractic professionals work with you to determine the exact causes and location of your migraines. You work with the doctors to identify physical and emotional factors that bring on migraine episodes.

Knowing all there is to know about your specific life factors is key to reducing and eliminating migraines permanently. The success ratio for this two-pronged approach is 90% in qualified candidates.

Migraine headaches are controllable through lifestyle changes and the right treatment program designed for you. Knowing what triggers your pain goes a long way to controlling it and eventually reducing the effects it has on your life. Pain management doctors in North Phoenix can help determine whether or not migraine relief can be achieved by this treatment and therapy.

The Stigma of Chronic Migraine

Those who suffer with migraine headaches have more than just the pain to deal with, they must also get past the stigma which migraine sufferers frequently face. After all, how bad can it be?

Many migraine sufferers have always felt as if they are being singled out as different or making too much out of a mere headache. For those who have never suffered through the debilitating pain of migraines, they don’t realize how life-altering they can be. Many people seem to simply brush off migraines and other severe headaches as pain you’re making too much of.

The stigma of migraines can be likened to that which befalls people with epilepsy or those who suffer from panic attacks. Because epilepsy can bring on sudden and unpredictable seizures, oftentimes, this condition can carry a stigma with it. People who suffer panic attacks, also know the unpredictability of such attacks, and how they are stigmatized for it, too.

Almost 30 million Americans suffer with migraine pain. Symptoms of migraines can be severe headache, sensitivity to light, and nausea. Often bed rest is the only migraine relief they find.

Unfortunately, many people don’t want to work or have relationships with people who suffer from certain ailments. These include asthma, panic attacks, epilepsy, and migraines. This ultimately leads to missed days at work, or time spent with family and friends.

According to a study conducted by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, findings have concluded that those with migraine headaches do suffer significant stigma in life. Even more so than those with epilepsy.

As with any other medical issue, those who don’t suffer the pain of migraines, may have a hard time understanding just how bad the pain can be. This may be due to the fact that many people have headaches, but get through them without much trouble. They take a pill and the pain goes away.

The idea that a headache can cause such disabling symptoms has them stumped. The empathy for such a headache is just not there. Attitudes at work often don’t make situations any better, either.

If you do suffer severe headaches and are wondering what causes migraines, you should talk to your doctor about it. Pain management in Phoenix is available for your migraine pain. Don’t believe what a non-migraine sufferer tells you. Take your life back with migraine relief today.

Migraine Pain, Symptoms & Treatments

Migraine pain can be some of the most agonizing of all pains you’ll ever experience. Coupled with light sensitivity, nausea, and vomiting, migraines are very detrimental to living a full life.

You may have gone through a myriad list of treatments – things that were supposed to alleviate the migraine pain thoroughly. You may have tried remedies such as:

• Over The Counter Pain Medications
• Prescription Medications
• Exercising
• Physiotherapy
• Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Surgery
• Supplements
• Self-Help Programs
• Nerve Blocks
• Stretching

… and still the migraine headaches come.

What causes migraines?

While some people can point to very specific triggers which are seemingly causing their pain, others remain baffled as to what triggers a migraine. Some point to allergies, stress, smoking, alcohol, hormonal changes (especially in women), foods, fasting, changes in sleep patterns, bright lights, or medications.

Triggers don’t always cause migraines, and avoiding triggers will not prevent migraines, either. So what can you do to prevent the onset of migraines, and how can you get some migraine relief?

When you contact your pain management in Phoenix, they offer a non-surgical, comprehensive approach to evaluating and treating your migraine headaches. Your team will use an advanced diagnosis evaluation to find exactly where your head pain is coming from, and then they will then determine which physical and medical treatments you will need.

Specific treatments are tailored to your individual diagnosis, not some generalized prescription for one and all. There are 2 critical components to this migraine pain treatment.

The first component is called the MiRx Protocol. This is a non-surgical nerve block technique which will relieve your migraine pain by targeting a nerve which is located in your nasal cavity. Pain relief is almost instant. This treatment is safe for everyone including pregnant women. It isn’t addictive and it will help to prevent future migraine episodes.

The second component is Advanced Physiotherapy combined with Bio Feedback Recognition. By combining the knowledge and expertise of our best doctors and therapists, along with you identifying physical and emotional triggers that bring on migraines, we have an amazing success rate for treating migraines.

By calming the nervous system with a nerve block treatment allows for the physical aspects to go to work most effectively. You will learn what to look for, how to recognize triggers, and respond to all of the external factors that you have control over in your life.

At Pain Stop Clinics, the pain management professionals in Phoenix, migraine pain relief is closer than you think!

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