Things You Need to Know If You Suffer From Migraines

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Migraine headaches are more than just your typical headache. They are the result of specific changes in the brain, although what causes migraines isn't fully known. Usually, they consist of a pounding pain in your head, which can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and eye pain. There are a number of factors [...]

Find inspiration despite Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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It's the lucky person who can skip through life with no physical pain. Millions of people experience Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and sometimes the pain gets in the way of participating in the most enjoyable activities that life has to offer. There are real ways to find inspiration despite suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. [...]

3 Ways to Turn Your Life Around and Manage Your Pain

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Whether it is the occasional headache, or pain from arthritis or another disease, understanding what to do for pain can be half the battle. You don't want to be overly medicated or so miserable that you miss out on all that life has to offer. Turn your life around by incorporating these three simple suggestions. [...]