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Things You Need to Know If You Suffer From Migraines

Migraine headaches are more than just your typical headache. They are the result of specific changes in the brain, although what causes migraines isn’t fully known. Usually, they consist of a pounding pain in your head, which can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and eye pain.

There are a number of factors which seem to trigger migraine headaches, such as stress, hormonal changes, certain foods, or even loud noises. Once you are in the grip of a migraine headache all you want is for the pain to go away.

In the past you may have tried any number of remedies in the search for the one that would provide you with the best pain-free condition. Some may have worked for a while, some may never have worked, and others may have seemed to be too far ‘out there’ to bother with. You’ve probably gone through the prescription medication route, OTC meds, massage therapy, stretching, aroma therapy, nerve block shots, supplements, and you may have even tried surgery to bring some relief.

When you talk with your pain management doctors in North Phoenix, you’ll discover how they are using a two-pronged approach to help their patients reduce and even eliminate the pain of migraines. This treatment is not suitable for every individual, but it has been effective for many.

This treatment begins with the MiRx Protocol, which is a non-surgical nerve block technique for relieving pain through targeting a nerve located in the nasal cavity. Pain relief is almost instant and can last for weeks. This protocol is combined with advanced physiotherapy, where physiotherapists and chiropractic professionals work with you to determine the exact causes and location of your migraines. You work with the doctors to identify physical and emotional factors that bring on migraine episodes.

Knowing all there is to know about your specific life factors is key to reducing and eliminating migraines permanently. The success ratio for this two-pronged approach is 90% in qualified candidates.

Migraine headaches are controllable through lifestyle changes and the right treatment program designed for you. Knowing what triggers your pain goes a long way to controlling it and eventually reducing the effects it has on your life. Pain management doctors in North Phoenix can help determine whether or not migraine relief can be achieved by this treatment and therapy.

Find inspiration despite chronic pain

It’s the lucky person who can skip through life with no physical pain. Millions of people experience chronic pain, and sometimes the pain gets in the way of participating in the most enjoyable activities that life has to offer.

There are real ways to find inspiration despite suffering from chronic pain. Here are some suggestions to reflect on:

  • Learn to Be a Positive Person. No matter how you grew up, being positive in your life’s situations will be a huge boost to how you see life in general. There is always a way to see things in a good light, no matter how bleak they may seem right now. Think thoughts of goodwill, smile often, and believe in yourself. Do what you can to not feel sorry for your life or your circumstances.
  • Be an Accepting Person. This isn’t the same thing as giving up. Accept who you are, and what you have to work with. Then from there, you can begin to clear a path to less pain and better health. There are any number of techniques available to see you through to chronic pain relief.
  • Enjoy Your Life, Come What May. Holidays and family events come and go, but don’t let them go without you there. Always strive to place yourself in their midst, and you’ll be surprised at just what you can do when you really try hard.
  • Do What You Love to Do Best. Having a passion in life will go a long way to helping you to overcome chronic pain. When you immerse yourself in whatever it is that you enjoy and do best, you win over pain. No time to stay away, no time to take off, no time to tell yourself your pain needs to come first. It does not. Chronic pain treatment is often greatly aided by people who are passionate about their life in some way. Find your passion and live that passion.
  • Find Support in Family and Friends. This is where your pain management doctors in North Phoenix can be your lifeline, too. Talk to others, find a support group, and know that it is vital to engage with family and friends to overcome weaknesses you may be feeling right now. Good talks often lead to real ways of realizing you can grow beyond chronic pain.

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3 Ways to Turn Your Life Around and Manage Your Pain

Whether it is the occasional headache, or pain from arthritis or another disease, understanding what to do for pain can be half the battle. You don’t want to be overly medicated or so miserable that you miss out on all that life has to offer. Turn your life around by incorporating these three simple suggestions.

#1 – Eat Healthy

Many foods cause inflammation which can make pain worse or cause it to start again. There are foods that will reduce inflammation, such as leafy greens, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, asparagus, low-sugar fruits (cranberries, cherries, pineapple, plums), and soy products. Pain relief can often be found in eating the right foods.

There are also foods you will want to limit or avoid altogether. These include: chocolate, eggs, citrus fruits, dairy, wheat products, processed foods, red wine, coffee, tea, and soda. This is not to say you can’t have any of these, just don’t overdo it, and substitute healthier alternatives when you can. In time, you may find yourself actually reaching for that bottle of water instead of the can of soda.

# 2- Start and Maintain a Gentle and Appropriate Exercise Program

Pain management is often very doable when you treat it with an exercise routine. Using and stretching the parts of your body that seem to be causing you problems may not always initially seem like the best way to alleviate pain. Simple, gentle approaches including learning how to have perfect posture and implementing a yoga or meditation routine can help you to control some of the pain you have. Pain management doctors in North Phoenix can help suggest some exercises and stretches to help you with pain relief.

Maintaining correct posture is key to fighting pain. Train yourself to always be aware of what kind of posture you are holding. Relax your shoulders away from your ears, stand balanced on your feet, and take even, deep breaths to bring awareness to your posture. You’ll be amazed at how you’ll feel when your body isn’t all scrunched together.

# 3 – Talk About Your Pain

Don’t keep everything to yourself. If you are having real pain issues, then let others know about it. Discuss things with your family, and turn to your pain management doctors in North Phoenix for advice on what to do next. They will be able to accurately diagnose what type of pain you have and offer real, lasting comfort and pain management techniques.

By talking to others, you are taking all of the stress of the situation off of yourself. You’ll sleep better, eat better, and have a more positive outlook on life.

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