Ankle Nerve Blocks

Ankle Nerve Blocks

September 15, 2013

painstopblocksAnkle nerve blocks are provided to relieve pain and stiffness associated with injury, nerve damage and neuropathy. Ankle nerve blocks eliminate pain and tingling in the treated area allowing the therapeutic treatments sufficient time to heal the ankle and restore normal nerve function. In acute cases of neuropathy repeated use can help to condition the nerve response and reduce painful flare-ups.

However, before we provide any minimally invasive injection procedure our team of medical providers works through diagnostic protocols to help determine the severity of the ankle injury or the condition causing your ankle pain. The Pain Stop medical staff will develop an individualized treatment program to treat your condition.

All injections at Pain Stop Clinics are performed under guidance of fluoroscopic x-ray to target the specific nerve and ensure patient safety.

What is an ankle nerve block?

An ankle nerve block can be a safe low-dose steroid (anti-inflammatory medicine) or a local anesthetic medication (lidocaine). The safe low-dose steroid option is used to reduce inflammation and the local anesthetic is used to numb the nerve. The ankle nerve block also works to reduce swelling and relieve pain at the injection site.

What happens during an ankle nerve block?

The injection area is first numbed with a local anesthetic. Then the medical provider applies the ankle nerve block to the targeted area in the ankle under the guidance of x-ray or fluoroscopy to ensure safety and efficiency of the procedures

What happens after an ankle nerve block?

After the ankle injection our medical staff will monitor you the patient. During that time a member of the Pain Stop team may ask you to lightly move your ankle in motions that may have caused you pain prior to the injection. You may still feel pain that progressively fades away; many feel instant pain relief and numbness after the injection.

After a day or two you may feel minor soreness, which is normally caused by needle irritation and that pain will fade with time. Safe low-dose steroids usually take two or three days to start working but can take as long as a week to get the full effect of the treatment.

Many patients are able to return to work a day after the procedure but always check with your medical provider before resuming normal activity.

How long can I expect pain relief to last?

Many times an injection can provide several weeks of pain relief. Other times, a single injection brings long-term pain relief that can last for months.

It is important to understand that the pain is caused by a condition and the pain is the body’s response to the underlying condition. The goal is to provide pain relief that lasts long enough for therapeutic treatments to begin to heal the specific condition causing the pain.

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