Recently scientists have been studying the effects of strenuous, lengthy aerobic workouts on the body. Previous studies have tended to be positive, concluding that the fitness level and overall health is extraordinarily high.   However, in June 2013, the European Heart Journal published a study that concluded that the rule of moderation applies to physical fitness and exercise.   The results found that when the body is pushed to extreme limits too fast and for too long it could have a negative affect.  This is a good reminder of how important it is to ease into an exercise program and monitor exertion levels.

Here are 3 tips to follow before starting a fitness program:

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1: Determine your starting point –

Find out your target heart rate and monitor it during your workouts.  Here is an easy tool to help you determine your target heart rate.

2: Assess your goals & make a plan

Spend some time to develop realistic goals and plan how to achieve them. Find ways to evaluate your progress. If it is the duration of your workout, number of miles walked per week, or number of exercise days per week, track your progress every step of the way. Positive results in small increments will keep you committed.

3: Ease into the exercise program

Starting small will help ensure you don’t push yourself but also it will help you feel encouraged to continue. Many people who do too much, too fast will be sore or have a negative experience because of exhaustion and will not stick with the program. Increase your effort little by little.

Be Consistent to Stay Healthy

We know that consistent exercise is a cornerstone of health, while excessive exercise (such as overdoing it when first initiating a regular workout routine) can pose a threat to the body.

Exercise as a general benefit (well-developed by science):

  • the heart becomes healthier in response to regular exercise
  • with regular exercise, heart disease risk is significantly diminished
  • weight loss from exercise will help alleviate other health conditions

It should be noted that those with heart problems should be very careful about exercise and it is recommended that they consult their physician before starting a fitness program.

Additional conditions that represent caution flags for any type of exercise, not just intense workouts (with each condition requires customized attention):

  • cold or flu
  • asthma attack in recent past
  • recovery from a concussion
  • injury flare-up
  • fatigue
  • acute pain
  • extreme soreness
  • pregnancy

Developing a rehabilitative exercise program is not easy. To recover from any pain condition, or to optimize your body to manage any health condition, an exercise plan from a professional team is crucial. Pain Stop Clinics can get you back your previous strength using responsible pain management, including an exercise consultation.

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