Every one of us has those times when we feel unsteady. Dizziness is a symptom associated with several conditions ranging from mild dehydration to life-threatening issues. When it’s associated with back pain, here’s what you should know:

Dizziness and Backache

The back is responsible for a number of functions that include supporting the trunk, twisting, lifting, and absorbing shock. It also houses the spinal cord, which contains thousands of nerves that control the limbs and lower body. You may get back pain from an injury in an accident, or suffer from whiplash, sciatica, straining due to pregnancy or osteoarthritis among other conditions. These may cause both the back pain and dizziness.

Medical Emergencies

Having a backache alongside dizziness can indicate severe conditions such as brain hemorrhaging or stroke. If you notice someone has slurred speech, complains of double vision, cannot keep balance and complains of numbness in the limbs, seek emergency care, as this may be a stroke. Likewise, if you feel back pain and dizziness after a blood transfusion, you could be having a severe reaction; this requires immediate attention.

Treatment of back pain and dizziness

Of course, the treatment for back pain and dizziness depends on the cause. If you have an injury, localized treatments can reduce both back pain and dizziness. Physical exercise and massage are also effective methods of dealing with both back pain and dizziness.

Where back pain is brought about by nerve compression such as sciatica, surgery usually relieves the pressure. Over the counter and prescription medicine offers temporary relief, but long-term use can cause complications, including addiction.

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