50 Million Americans!

50 Million Americans live and battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. With a population of around 320 million, nearly one in six suffers from some sort of recurring pain. With these kinds of startling (and growing) numbers, you can assuredly find a number of treatment service provides just about anywhere in the country. However, some treatment centers are better than others. How can you decide who to use? There are a few points to consider.

Offers a Variety of Treatment Options

If the treatment provider only focuses on one method of treatment you should look elsewhere. Don’t fall into a cookie-cutter mold for correcting pain, because the kind of pain, the location and the cause is unique to you. Your treatment should be as well.

Doesn’t Instantly Recommend Surgery

Surgery is always an option. However, there are usually less risky and less costly alternatives to consider first. Surgery is an extreme corrective measure and often requires weeks (if not months) of recovery time, so start with alternative treatments.

Reputation Matters

Pain professionals should possess not only the requisite degrees and certifications, but additional industry certifications and memberships that distinguish them. Groups such as the American Society of Anesthesiologists can vouch for excellent care centers. Your primary care physician may provide referrals. Online reviews can be useful of course, and finally, company representatives should demonstrate care and commitment to a positive reputation.

You are not alone battling Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. You just need to make sure you select the right care provider. Consider choosing Pain Stops Clinics as you begin your search for a healthier, more comfortable tomorrow.

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