One in three people live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Scratching an acceptable quality of life out of the mud that is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is difficult, but not impossible. The American Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Association suggests 10 coping skills that will clear your way.

1) Acceptance

Pain is a part of your life that may not be curable. Wishing won’t make it true, but acceptance of pain has been proven to improve treatment outcomes. It even improves your emotional state and social functioning.

2) Be involved

Patient empowerment improves outcomes, too, so becoming active in your care will help your emotional state and enable you to fine tune your treatments more effectively.

3) Prioritize

Your life is still important, even if it’s mired in pain. List your life’s priorities so that you use your “spoons” wisely.

4) Create realistic goals

Make sure you can accomplish them, then celebrate your successes.

5) Know your rights

As a patient and as a friend, you have a right to respect, to make mistakes, and to defend your boundaries without guilt.

6) Honor your feelings

Your emotions have a powerful impact on your physical wellbeing. Notice them and cope with them because they’re one of your most important tools for dealing well with your pain.

7) Find peace

Stress makes pain worse and harder to manage. Tools like mindfulness and meditation improve both pain acceptance and quality of life.

8) Stay Active

Exercise can keep your muscles flexible so that they feel less pain. Develop a strength and flexibility program with your doctor or physiotherapist that respects your abilities while improving your condition.

9) See the whole picture

Your rights, priorities, and goals will show you that pain needn’t be your primary focus in life. You can live a normal life.

10) Ask for help

One in three people live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. That gives you an enormous resource for support and learning.

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