Chronic back conditions are known to be more burdensome than any other syndrome, but many patients feel they have little control over their symptoms. People who suffer back pain need a balanced diet that supports bone strength, healthy cells, and good collagen formation. You have a new year ahead of you, so make it a pain-free one by choosing a diet to improve Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


The spine is made almost entirely of water, which offers the flexibility needed to keep your vertebrae protected against shock.


Collagen accounts for 30% of dry bone weight, and it needs a constant supply of amino acids and vitamin C. Glucosamine is an important component in connective tissues, so keep your protein levels where they should be with almonds, meat, broccoli, and quinoa.

Calcium and Magnesium

If you have poor bone density, calcium and magnesium should be core parts of your diet. You need a synergy of minerals to absorb these nutrients well. Keep your levels up with bok choy, dairy products, tofu, and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin K distributes calcium, so you also need to include cheeses, egg yolks, and kale in your diet.

Vitamin D aids calcium absorption and is found in salmon and egg yolks. Some cereals and dairy products are fortified with it, too.


Omega-3-rich foods combat inflammation, so flax, chia seeds, and oily fish could improve your symptoms.

Alcohol and Soda

A daily cola habit can impede your absorption of important nutrients, while alcohol interferes with calcium absorption. Alcohol also suppresses the central nervous system. Combined with certain medications, it can cause breathing difficulties and impaired motor function.

Your diet is the building block of your medical care. Without wholesome food, even the most potent medications and therapies cannot bring their best benefits. Food has a profound effect on our short-term and long-term health outcomes, so fill your plate with nutrients that help your body recover from pain conditions.


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