Upper back pain is often confused with shoulder pain. There are even debates in the fitness world about if you should work out your rear deltoids on back day or shoulder day. Upper back pain is felt right behind the shoulders and/or under the neck. Pain can vary from prickling to burning sensations. It’s common in people who tend to slouch, either at work or school.

Seeing a chiropractor is important for those with upper back pain as it may be a sign of inflamed upper back muscles. In between sessions, there are remedies you can employ to give your upper back some relief.

Heating Pads and Cooling Packs

Heat will reduce pain by relaxing the muscles and relieving the tension. It’s recommended to alternate between heating pads and cooling packs. The cooling packs numb the pain.

Hot Showers

Bring on more heat. Hot water running down your body can make muscle tension melt like butter. Make sure to utilize your shower head and aim the water on your upper back where it hurts.

Lying Flat

When you get home from school or work, avoid hitting the sofa right away. Instead, spend some time lying flat on your back on your bed.


There are multiple stretching techniques you can practice daily to help those sore upper back muscles.

1) Lie down flat on your stomach with your knees tucked in. Stretch your arms out in front of you as far as you can and keep your palms down.
2) Repeat the same position, but with your palms up.
2) In the same position, cross your arms far in front of you and hold them. Then try crossing them the other way.


Working out your upper back is one of the best pieces of advice we can give. It seems contradictory because exercise is related to soreness. But your upper back muscles need to tear so they can heal. We recommend the rear deltoid pull with cable ropes.

As mentioned, it’s important to see a chiropractor about any back pain. At Pain Stop Clinics, we’re dedicated to providing drug-free forms of pain relief. Book an appointment today.

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