Many pain-sufferers struggle with us and sometimes feel guilty.

Watching loved ones suffer from chronic pain hurts. Often, we desire to help and feel frustrated when our assistance is either rejected or makes the situation worse. If you do not live with chronic pain, it’s important to try to understand those who do. Here’s advice on how you can help.

Pain Shouldn’t Be Patronized

People living with chronic pain are not exaggerating how they feel. Do not attempt to brush off their hurting. Making light of the pain your loved ones endure will not diminish the pain, only belittle the one suffering.

You may believe that trying to distract the person in pain will help, and therefore say phrases like, “You’re fine!” Remember that many who suffer from chronic pain go years undiagnosed. They may be dealing with several doctors who say nothing is wrong. Your friend or family member may, rightly so, be sensitive to even the smallest comments.

Ask Before You Assist

This is the biggest way you can help your loved one. Rather than immediately putting your hands on them, gently ask, “Would a massage help?” Do not assume that the person in pain wants to be touched. A backrub may actually cause more soreness, depending on the situation.

Instead of jumping to pull out chairs and open doors, ask “Would you like me to get that for you?” Often, chronic pain can be so bad that it leads to dependence on others. Many pain-sufferers struggle with us and sometimes feel guilty. To a lot of people living with chronic pain, it’s important to know what they can and cannot do.

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