Neck Pain

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain refers to any pain or stiffness in your neck. It isn’t a serious condition most of the time; a few days of rest can ease the discomfort and make it disappear. However, if the neck pain is accompanied by illness or serious injury, it’s best to seek out neck pain treatment as soon as possible.

What Are the Causes?

There’s a slew of reasons that can lead to neck pain:

  • Poor posture or overuse are two of the most common causes of pain in your neck.
  • An injury from a fall or from engaging in contact sports can also lead to neck pain, as will whiplash.
  • A bad sleeping position or working at your desk for too long without any breaks can also give you neck problems.
  • Getting older could also be why you’re starting to suffer from pain and discomfort in your neck.

Why Does it Happen?

Look for pain management clinics in your area and book an appointment with one. Expect the doctor to ask you a few questions, including a few that involve your injury.

  • For instance, when did you feel the pain start?
  • What were you doing before it happened?
  • What did you do to try and alleviate the pain in your neck?

Did any of those methods work? Or did you end up making the pain even worse? Make a list of all the questions you want to ask so you can go about the interview in an organized way.

What’s the Treatment?

In many cases, treatment can involve surgery. However, if you don’t want to go under the knife, Phoenix pain doctors suggest massage therapy.

  • With a medical massage, you can use a non-surgical option to treat your neck problems. That’s going to mean less costs for you since surgery can mean spending thousands on treatment.
  • You won’t have to take a long leave of absence from work. With massage sessions, patients can fit the therapy into their schedules with ease.
  • Lastly, by going for massage therapy, you won’t have to put your liver through a lot. Long-term use of medication can hurt your liver. You can prevent that by switching to therapy instead of medication.

How to Get Help?

Look for a pain management clinic that offers the service you need. For neck pain treatment that works in Phoenix Valley, contact Pain Stop Clinics today.

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