Pain Stop Clinics offer businesses and community organizations throughout the Phoenix valley the unique opportunity of providing their personnel with free on-site chair massages. This is a great opportunity for businesses to provide their staff with a gesture of appreciation, while offering their staff the chance to experience some of the excellent services provided by Pain Stop Clinics.

Our Wellness Directors will work with your Human Resources Department or Senior Management to implement this exceptional service. We will confirm that the insurance provided by your company or organization is accepted for the services provided at our facilities. This ensures that employees who are introduced to the services can be reassured that their insurance will compensate any future services they seek with Pain Stop Clinics. Working together, a date and time will be scheduled at your facility to provide chair massages to any employees and guests. This may take place during any event, such as a health fair, or as a stand-alone service on a date and time of your choosing, even multiple dates if desired.

Once the event is scheduled, the Wellness Director will provide the business representative with a sign-up sheet so that employees can schedule a time for their chair massage. Typically, the services are booked for a four-hour period, or whatever makes sense for the business or organization’s event. Pain Stop Clinics can provide up to 4 Licensed Massage Therapists for your event, depending on the amount of people estimated to serve.

On the day of the event, the Wellness Director and Licensed Massage Therapists will bring giveaways such as hand sanitizer bottles, water bottles, and other materials. We will provide marketing materials for all the services provided by Pain Stop Clinics. Prior to the massage each employee or guest will complete a short health survey that includes contact information, describes any major pain concerns, provides any insurance information for establishing future treatment opportunities, and offers a choice of clinic location preferences. Multiple massages may be done at the same time, depending on the number of Licensed Massage Therapists scheduled for the event.

After the massage, your employees will be given the opportunity to schedule a free consultation at the Pain Stop Clinics’ location of their choice. They will also be provided with coupons for free consultations that they can share with their family and friends. Using the information provided on the health survey form, the scheduling team will follow up with anyone scheduled to confirm their appointment.

If your business or community organization would be interested in scheduling a Pain Stop Community Event as an appreciation event for your employees, please contact the Wellness Director:


Zack Cosic  (480)-720-0249



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