Most personal injuries occur when someone is involved in a car accident or workplace accident. Even though it is not your fault, you are left with trying to figure out how to manage your pain. Pain can be debilitating and stop you from being able to enjoy your typical lifestyle. Pain Stop Clinics offers pain management options to help you return to your normal activities, pain free.

Pain Stop Clinics offers a dedicated team to handle your personal injury situation, our Pain Stop Accident Injury Department (PSAI). Our PSAI staff are committed to offering swift medical attention to our patients to ensure the best chance for a successful recovery. We ensure there is no unnecessary waiting period with our same day appointments and treatments for our personal injury patients. You will receive immediate professional care from our personal injury pain management doctors using the latest in medical innovations and technology.

Many patients who have experienced an auto accident injury, or workplace injury, that was through no fault of theirs, are concerned with the cost of their medical care. They are unsure where to turn for help. PSAI can refer you to an attorney that can help you seek compensation for your medical expenses. We offer immediate treatment on a lien basis to be paid by the person at fault for your injuries, or their insurance carrier. This allows you to receive immediate care without any up-front payment at the time of treatment.

Personal injury patients are typically treated two to three times per week. Regardless of insurance or cash payment, we accept and immediately treat personal injury patients to avoid any delays because spinal injuries can lead to chronic pain and other symptoms. Each day after an injury can cause further health issues if left untreated, so swift medical intervention is critical to avert worst-case scenarios.

With accident injuries it is crucial that your attorney have regular communication from your doctors regarding your treatment and activity in the clinic. We communicate directly with your attorney, whether you already had an attorney when you came to our clinic for care, or you work with an attorney we referred you to. PSAI will provide the attorney with detailed monthly reports of the treatment provided and the patient’s activity to date.

Let Pain Stop Clinics provide you with immediate personal injury pain management in the case of an accident or work injury. We can provide you with pain relief as well as personalized assistance in dealing with your attorney. Don’t hesitate, seek immediate care when involved in an accident.


Responsible Pain Management Without Opioids

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