Allergies can begin in anyone at any time. Your body is continually changing, and your environment around you constantly changes, so the opportunities to develop allergies increases with time. If you develop allergies, why should you suffer through the symptoms, when you can have allergy testing conducted and immunotherapy treatment provided to relieve your symptoms. Pain Stop Clinics offers allergy testing and immunotherapy treatments at all locations.

There are many benefits to allergy testing. The results of allergy tests provide you with information on your specific allergies, allowing you to develop a plan specific to your needs. You will be prepared for your allergy season, armed to change your environment to eliminate your triggers as much as possible, and positioned to receive treatment specific to your needs.

Once you know the results of your allergy tests, you will have the information you need to treat your allergies. One option is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is often referred to as allergy shots but can also be administered through sublingual drops. The immunotherapy treatment helps your body to build a tolerance to your specific allergens over time. This is a successful treatment for airborne allergies, over 90% of people with seasonal nasal allergies receive relief from symptoms.

Immunotherapy treatments are not a quick cure for allergies, the idea is to build your body’s tolerance of your allergens, to reduce your symptoms, which will take time. Allergy medications are designed to lessen your symptoms immediately, but do not provide successful results for many people, and have many side effects. The relief you receive from immunotherapy will take years and may not last forever. Immunotherapy treatments also take a large commitment, usually weekly visits to your allergy specialists at Pain Stop Clinics for the first year. However, the ultimate benefits of relief from symptoms are well worth the inconvenience of the weekly visits. Your body will eventually adapt and develop resistance to your allergens.

Because the immunotherapy treatment consists of exposing you to something that you are allergic to, you will be monitored closely by your allergy specialists at Pain Stop Clinics for any reactions. The injections or sublingual drops you receive will consist of small amounts of your specific allergens, such as pollens, mold spores, animal dander, or dust mites. This exposure causes your body to produce antibodies against the effects from the allergens. This gradually alters your immune system until your body no longer reacts by producing nasal allergy symptoms. While it may take years to fully relieve your symptoms, many people feel better within months with substantially reduced symptoms.

Pain Stop Clinics’ immunotherapy treatment begins with weekly injections for approximately 12 months, then move to every other week, and eventually to once a month. Typically, you will receive the monthly shots anywhere from three to five years and then hopefully obtain sustained relief from all allergy symptoms.

Pain Stop Clinics can help you to receive relief from your allergy symptoms, so you do not have to fear allergy seasons. Call Pain Stop Clinics today to receive allergy testing and immunotherapy treatments specifically designed for you.

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