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If you are injured on the job, Worker’s Compensation is the program that ensures your employer pays for your medical expenses, lost wages, and insurance costs. The Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) Administers the Workers Compensation program. In Arizona, regardless of who is at fault for the injury, the program ensures the employer pays.

Employees need not worry that they may have been at fault for the injury they sustained, if it happened on the job then the Worker’s Compensation program will ensure their medical expenses are covered. They may even receive temporary compensation if they meet the eligibility requirements. In some severe injury cases, Worker’s Compensation will even provide job retraining and/or permanent compensation.

The most important thing when you sustain an injury, whether on the job or not, is to obtain medical treatment. Many employers will send you to an urgent care or general practitioner, and they may provide treatment that ultimately does not stop your pain or solve your problems. The pain experts at Pain Stop Clinics will determine the underlying cause of your problems and provide treatment to resolve them and reduce your pain. Pain Stop Clinics is experienced in dealing with industrial injuries and can properly examine you and evaluate your injuries for treatment. Once you have completed a thorough evaluation, they will design a personalized treatment program to ensure you recover as fully and as quickly as possible.

Many work injuries result in debilitating neck and back pain, such as lifting injuries, slips and falls, forklift accidents, and any other equipment accident. If you have sustained an injury that is impacting your back and/or neck, then you want to see a specialist that is licensed and trained to treat those type of injuries, like the Doctor of Chiropractic experts at Pain Stop Clinics.

If you have been injured on the job, these are the steps to complete a Worker’s Compensation claim:

File a Written Claim

The Industrial Commission of Arizona website ( has a Worker’s Report of Injury Form that must be filed within one year of the injury.

Attend All Medical Appointments

It is important that you attend all your Pain Stop Clinic appointments and any other medical appointments at other providers you are seeing for treatment. If you fail to attend any appointments or do not follow their medical advice, this can be viewed as non-compliant. Your employer’s insurance provider can petition the Industrial Commission of Arizona Labor Department to terminate your Worker’s Compensation benefits if you are non-compliant

Pain Stop Clinics provides treatment for your workplace injury. These pain experts are experienced at properly documenting everything to support your Worker’s Compensation claim. Don’t wait and hope your pain will go away, seek treatment today for your workplace injury, call Pain Stop Clinics.

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