Over 80% of adults experience back pain, some developing suddenly from muscle strain or an accident injury, others developing into chronic pain over time. Many doctors will recommend surgery to alleviate back pain but depending on the situation there may be other solutions. The Pain Management experts at Pain Stop Clinics will help you resolve your back pain without surgery, when possible, by using responsible pain management and helping you to develop the skills and routines you need to prevent future injury to your spine.

The first thing you should do to resolve your back pain is seek help from a specialist in back pain. If you have a problem with your feet, you see a podiatrist, a doctor who has received additional training and education dealing with the feet. When you have a problem with your back you should see a chiropractor, a doctor who has received additional training and education dealing with the spine. Pain Stop Clinics has chiropractors who are medically trained experts in their field.

When you visit Pain Stop Clinics, you will be evaluated, your medical history will be reviewed, and a treatment plan will be developed to resolve your back pain. That treatment plan may include spinal manipulation, physical therapies and rehabilitation, massages, medical injections, and surgical solutions, if necessary. Typically, spinal manipulation and learning how to move properly to avoid future injury can resolve most back pain.

One of the many benefits of spinal manipulation performed by experienced chiropractors is the lack of side effects. It is extremely rare to have serious side effects, and even if there are minor side effects, such as discomfort, it usually resolves within a day or two. A treatment plan that includes spinal manipulation will resolve most back pain issues.

Through exercise, posture improvement, and therapy that helps you to correct bad habits in your posture and movement, you can reduce your risks of further spinal injury. Incorrect posture, and or uneven or incorrect repetitive movements can create pressure on various areas of the spine. That pressure can injure the spine. Spinal manipulation can put it back into place, but exercise and proper movement is what will develop the muscles and ligaments to keep the spine in proper alignment. Exercise also releases endorphins, a natural brain chemical that stops pain by binding to opioid receptors, creating the same effect on the brain as opioid pain medications without the bad side effects.

Another aspect of developing a healthy spine is managing your weight. Your muscles, bones, and joints all work together to support your body during movement, when sitting, and during standing. If you are carrying extra weight, that places more strain and pressure on the spine and back muscles. Working toward maintaining a healthy weight will relieve unnecessary pressure on the spine and reduce back pain and spinal issues.

Part of maintaining a healthy weight is eating healthy. Some foods that we eat also create other issues besides additional weight. Sugars and processed foods can make inflammation worse. Inflammation increases pain, so reducing inflammation will help to reduce pain. Following an anti-inflammatory diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and whole grains while avoiding trans fats, sugars, and processed foods can decrease inflammation and reduce your pain.

If you are experiencing back pain, contact Pain Stop Clinics and let our experts help you resolve your pain. Together we will develop a responsible treatment plan to not only resolve your pain but help to prevent future injury. Call your pain management experts today!

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