Your musculoskeletal system is how your muscles and skeletal system work together. The system is made up of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that all work together to help our bodies move. When the musculoskeletal system is not working together properly, usually due to injury or illness, it impacts our daily lives and ability to function free from pain. Musculoskeletal adjustments refer to manipulating the vertebrae or joints to relieve pain and tension and bring the affected area back into proper alignment. This adjustment is typically performed by a chiropractor. Physical therapy can also help your musculoskeletal system by helping you perform stretches and exercises to improve your mobility and relieve stiffness.

Musculoskeletal adjustments and physical therapy have a lot of similarities, but there are some differences. Both treatments are designed to reduce pain and improve mobility. Both also are performed by licensed professionals with years of education. Pain Stop Clinics provide both musculoskeletal adjustments and physical therapies to help their patients find long-term relief from pain and improve their mobility. Let’s look at the difference between the two types of treatments.

Chiropractors have a doctorate degree, and use hands-on spinal manipulation, musculoskeletal adjustments, to properly align your body’s musculoskeletal structure. This allows your body to heal, relieves pain, and restores mobility. While most people typically visit a chiropractor for neck and back pain, chiropractors can adjust and manipulate any part of the body’s musculoskeletal system. By using their hands, or small instruments, chiropractors apply a controlled force to adjust the musculoskeletal system back into the proper position to correct alignment issues.

A physiotherapist or physical therapist also works on improving your ability to move and function without pain; however, they achieve this a little differently. They use stretches and exercise and teach you how to move correctly to avoid injury and pain. They typically use heat and cold therapy, and a variety of other modalities to reduce pain and inflammation. They will also educate you on ways to improve your overall health.

Pain Stop Clinics know that both musculoskeletal adjustments and physical therapy are beneficial, and the two combined are the best way to achieve pain free movement and maximum mobility. By ensuring that the musculoskeletal system is in alignment before performing physical therapy techniques, you ensure that the body has the maximum opportunity for healing itself. Physical therapy techniques then strengthen muscles and ligaments, teach you how to move correctly, and help to prevent further injuries.

The pain experts at Pain Stop Clinics perform a complete evaluation of each patient before determining the best course of treatment. After performing a thorough physical exam, review of medical history, and any needed imaging or lab work, the doctors at Pain Stop Clinics will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that may include both musculoskeletal adjustments and physical therapy techniques, as well as potential other treatments. If you are experiencing pain of any type, contact Pain Stop Clinics today to determine your cause of pain and how best to treat that pain.

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