During a vehicle accident, your body is put through some major impact. When your body is moving in one direction while seated in a car, and that car impacts something, your body is brought to a jarring stop and then thrown in a completely other direction depending on where the impact came from. That abrupt impact leaves the muscles and ligaments severely strained. This strain can occur even during a minor car accident, and the person is often not aware of the injuries until some time has passed. That is why it is crucial to seek medical help immediately following a car accident, to confirm whether you have sustained injuries, even ones you may not be aware of.

Some of the most common injuries following a car accident are whiplash, neck pain, back pain, headaches, and fractured bones. These injuries are all cause to seek immediate medical help from someone specializing in these types of injuries, such as the pain management experts at Pain Stop Clinics. Car accident injuries can cause pain that lasts for months and addressing them immediately is crucial to prevent further injury and minimize the pain. The amount of pain you experience and the length of time the injuries take to heal depends not only on the extent of your injuries in the accident, but how soon you receive treatment for those injuries. The sooner you receive treatment, the faster you will recover and the less pain you will experience.

Another reason to seek immediate medical help has to do with insurance policies. Most insurance policies will not cover injuries occurring in a vehicle accident if the person does not seek medical treatment in a timely manner, many limit that time to within 72 hours following the accident. Some people make the mistake of not seeking immediate help because they do not feel pain due to the adrenaline rush and tense muscles. Unfortunately, after the adrenaline rush is gone, and the muscles relax, they begin to feel the muscle pain and become aware they have sustained injuries, sometimes days after the accident. Seeking immediate care allows the experts at Pain Stop Clinics to examine you and determine whether there are injuries you may not be aware of or may not feel immediately. Obtaining a medical check-up immediately following an accident is a proactive step to take to protect your rights for any possible insurance claims that may occur. One of the benefits of seeking that help from Pain Stop Clinics is their dedicated accident injury team that helps you with insurance claims and attorney communications.

Even if you are not at fault for the accident, seeking immediate medical attention is important. Do not wait to see whether their insurance is going to cover your injuries Again, many insurance policies will question claims that do not occur immediately. Contact Pain Stop Clinics and they can help you through the process of not just a medical examination, but they can also put you in touch with a local attorney to help you with an accident claim. Pain Stop Clinics work directly with experienced local attorneys to provide up-to-date medical records and ensure that all treatment information is provided to protect your claim. Ensuring you have someone who can provide timely, detailed records of your medical care and an up-to-date prognosis helps you to protect any potential medical claims or settlements. This is where the accident injury team at Pain Stop Clinics excels, not just in handling all your physical injuries, but assisting with any financial and legal impacts to your life.

So, don’t wait after a car accident. Call Pain Stop Clinics immediately and schedule your same day appointment. The pain management experts at Pain Stop Clinics will take care of your physical needs and help you find an attorney, or work with your attorney to take care of your financial and legal needs. Stay safe, drive carefully, and call us if you have an accident!

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