Now that we are a few weeks into the new year, many people are realizing their resolution for working out more often, or even getting started, was harder than they thought. They may have gone into it with no plan, or no idea how to properly work out. Without a proper workout plan you are leaving yourself open for potential injury and, ultimately, failure to achieve your goals. Remember, as Ben Franklin said: “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail!”

So, how do you develop a proper workout plan? Pain Stop Clinics wants to help. Before beginning any workout plan, the first thing you should always do is get a physical workup to confirm your body is ready for what you are about to do so you do not injure yourself. Pain Stop Clinics can conduct a physical evaluation that determines whether you have any physical limitations that should be addressed, help you to develop a treatment plan to address those issues, and then help you to develop a workout plan that maximizes your fitness potential. What should be included in a proper workout plan?

Developing a Proper Workout Plan

Step 1: Physical Exam

You should always make sure that your body is physically ready before beginning any exercise or workout routine. The doctors at Pain Stop Clinics can provide a full evaluation.

Step 2: Create a Schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to proper exercise. Develop a schedule that specifies which days you will do intense workouts, and which days will be recovery days with less demanding routines. A physical fitness expert, like those at Pain Stop Clinics, can help you develop the proper routine for you based on your level of fitness and any physical limitations you may have.

Step 3: Ensure Variety

To prevent injury, it is crucial that your workout schedule is complete with a variety of exercise routines. Doing the same thing every day doesn’t just get boring, it also runs the risk of irritating muscles and joints and creating injuries. Different muscle groups should be worked on different days, and a variety of activities ensures a more complete workout that enhances flexibility. By introducing variety with cardiovascular activity, strength training, muscle stretching, and flexibility activities, you ensure that you work every aspect of your body without straining anything.

Step 4: Challenge Yourself

As you progress in your workout routine, everything will become easier. You need to ensure that you are adjusting your routine to increase your challenge. This may mean more load, more speed, more volume, or a combination of all three. The point is to increase intensity to maintain a challenge and not just remain stagnant. Lack of challenge leads to plateaus in weight loss or muscle gain, whatever your goal may be. Don’t increase your challenge too quickly, just maintain a moderate challenge. Again, Pain Stop Clinics can help you with this step, evaluating your fitness level as you progress and suggesting new routines.

Step 5: Chart Your Progress

It is important that you see results from your efforts, so create a record that allows you to view your progress. The record will be a tool for helping you to continue to develop your program and build your challenge over time. It will also be a great motivator to keep you on track and consistent and help you to maintain your resolution for long-term fitness improvement.

Pain Stop Clinics wants to help you with your fitness resolution. Call us today to schedule a complete evaluation, develop a treatment plan for any physical issues, and create a workout program that will enhance your physical fitness levels without placing you at risk of injury. New year, new you! It is time to get started on the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted, and Pain Stop Clinics is here to help.

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